Getting PR for new e-cigarette business can be a daunting task. Where do you even begin when it comes to getting news outlets to publicize your vape shop?

PR is essential to your business and here’s why:

1. It helps with brand visibility
2. It shows that reporters are taking notice of your business
3. It can help bring in new customers
4. It can help show investors that you are capable of interacting with the media in a positive way

Getting press from reporters and new outlets is something that you need to do if you want to growth hack your vape shop.

Here’s 3 tips that are guaranteed to get you some PR:

1. Get a reporter on your side. Offer them an exclusive.

Get on Twitter (you should already be there) and start following every reporter that you can. Start re-tweeting their tweets and engaging with them until one of them follows you back. Once one reporter follows you back, offer them a story pertaining to your vape shop or e-cigs in general.

Pro Tip: Seek out local new sources as you are a local small business. Look for reporters that have previously done stories about the e-cigarette industry in some way. 

e-cigarette news

2. Try Newslauncher or other PR websites.

Newslauncher is great way to get your press release or article published in the publication of your choice. You email your article, select which publication you want your article to appear in, pay the fee. If your article doesn’t get published you don’t have to pay. Other sites like OpenPress will allow you to submit your press release for free and they publish it online.

Pro Tip: There are many free PR sites out there which will publish your press release free of charge. 

press release for e-cigarette stores

3. Create a newsworthy event.

This will take some creativity. You should be holding events at your store already such as cloud contests, vape meets, etc but if you aren’t now is a great time to start. Once you figure out what type of event you will have, use Twitter and Facebook to let your followers know. Then type up a press release and send it out through all of the free press release sites.

Pro Tip: Remember that reporter from step 1? Be sure to let them know about your event so they can publicize it locally!

vape meet

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or need some assistance in marketing your e-cigarette store or vape shop, feel free to email iVape Local at: [email protected]

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