As iVape Local continues to visit and review local B&M vape shops we are seeing some trends that while very common, are a cause for concern. Our main goal as an industry has always been to help people stop smoking and live healthier lives using vaporizer pens but lately we are starting to see our beloved industry get overtaken by some B&Ms who have no business being in the e-cig business.

We wanted to share with you the three vape stores that you should avoid at all costs.

#1. Joe’s Bros and Friends E-cig Superstore

Joe’s Bros’ style vape shops are by far the most common form of crappy B&Ms. I’m talking about vape shops where the neckbearded regulars spend their days grazing at the sample bar and loudly injecting their thoughts into every conversation. More often than not, the owner of this type of shop can be found sitting on a couch, vegetating while basking in the thick clouds of vapor that seemingly never dissipate. When Joe isn’t taking a lunch break he is generally busy taking selfies for Instagram or blowing huge clouds to give the inside of the shop that awesome cloudy atmosphere that vape bros love. Be prepared spend a decent amount of time trying to get the attention of an employee as they will most certainly be busy crafting a new coil build in their personal RDA.

The stereotypical vape bro.


#2. Carl’s Cartemizers

While being newbie friendly is often considered a good thing, B&Ms like Carl’s Cartemizers generally only carry a small selection of entry level eGo batteries, Protanks, and iClear devices. This store is owned by someone who has limited e-cigarette knowledge but opened a vape shop anyway. They are stuck in 2012 and refuse to carry anything remotely close to a modern device. In most cases these stores only carry one e-liquid line (their branded house juice), with flavors like “sour apple”, “peppermint mocha”, or “hazelnut.” If you’re in the market for $99 dual Cig-a-Like kit (complete with a Zebra print carrying case) then Carl’s is the place to go.

(Disclaimer: Stores like this do serve a purpose. They offer a great starting point for entry level e-cig users.)

#3. Shady Steven’s Vape Emporium

Shady Steven was once a part time pot dealer and a full time Juggalo. Due to the low financial barrier of entry in the e-cig business, he was able to open his very own vape shop. Now he spends his days price gouging the local vapers. You’ll know that you’ve wandered into a Shady Steven if you’re told that you must pay $149.99 Sigelei 100W. Another clue that you are in Shady Steven’s Vape Emporium would be if the Igo-W in display case has a $39.99 price tag on it.

Shapdy Steven at an ICP Concert

The Shady Steven’s of the industry are only in business to make a quick buck and will eventually peter out. Until that day comes, do your homework and know what things cost. If you own a vape shop and your pricing isn’t fair, eventually people will find out and you’ll get a bad name in your local market.

The Moral of the Story

While the names of these stores have been changed to protect the innocent, B&Ms like the ones above are nestled into almost every local vape scene. If you own a B&M and think you might fit one of these profiles you should immediately take a hard look at your business and make the necessary changes. With our industry growing and electronic cigarettes becoming more commonplace, the B&Ms who aren’t on point with their customer service and product offerings will quickly fizzle out.

B&Ms are already feeling the pain as more and more customers turn to the internet to purchase their e-liquid and hardware. If your vape shop provides excellent customer service, offers fair pricing, and keeps it’s regulars in check, you stand a chance to survive and make a real impact in your local vape scene and the local economy.