Why Is My Vape Shop Failing?

Your vape shop might be suffering from a lack of sales for many reasons. If you are marketing your business correctly, have a good online presence, and carry a decent range of products chances are your vape business is failing due to the way that you run your store.

Here are 4 of the most common mistakes that e-cigarette store owners make…

1. Your Employees Look Like This:

vape hipster









In many cases vape shops employ people under 25 years old. The employee’s role at the shop is not really a “career” but a job to hold them over until they finish college, get a better job, or make some other type of change. Because these younger employees do not have much professional development, they might not have the best customer service skills. While we should never judge people based on their appearance, some people do. You can change this stereotype by making sure you hire people who are intelligent and can understand that repeating the word “bro” to a potential customer will probably cost you the sale, and the repeat business. Unless of course the customer is also a “bro” in which case the two bros will “bro out”.

2. You Can’t See Through the Clouds

Many shops I have been in are cloudy with vapor. While you and I may not care about this many people will. Especially a new customer walking in your store to buy their first e-cigarette. Being uneducated about what is actually contained in the vapor they may feel as though their health is at risk. We suggest having some sort of ventilation system or at the very least have numerous fans (box fans) circulating the air around. Being a new vaper walking into a cloudy vape shop can be intimidating. Also, on a personal note, my wife will not accompany me into many vape shops for this reason.

3. Your Employees Only Try to Sell Cloud Chasing Devices

If your employees are so immersed in the cloud chasing world that they try to sell every person who walks through the door a sub ohm setup then you have a problem. Not every new vaper desires to chase clouds. In fact, most newbies don’t even know what “cloud chasing” means let alone possess the desire and knowledge to jump right in to sub ohm building. By selling new users devices that they are not qualified to use, you are not only doing them a disservice but also putting them in harms way. Properly training your staff to identify which devices would best suit certain customers will go a long way to growing your vape business.

4. Your Pricing is Outrageous

Being a local business, you can’t offer vape products as cheap as the online only retailers can. People who visit local stores expect to pay a little more but they shop with you for convenience, support, and personal interaction. If you are making your own juice in-house and marketing it as a premium brand selling for $12.99/15ML then you are screwing up. Your house e-liquid is not a premium brand (unless you are selling it nationally and the market has shown that people will pay a premium price for it). How can you expect people to buy from you if they can buy the same product online for less than half the price. I understand that you have to make money but price gouging will put you out of business very quickly.

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