454 big block rda

The 454 Big Block RDA by Kryptonite is one heck of an atomizer. I ¬†used the device for several weeks and really put it through it’s paces. Here’s what I discovered…

The 454 Big Block comes packaged in a metal tin with spare screws and o-rings. It is comprised of 3 main pieces plus it includes a unique drip tip which prevents hot juice from coming back into your mouth.
The 454 big block is designed in way that is much different from any other RDA on the market. It features a one post design with four screws that are used to secure a ring to the rim of the deck. This ring traps the negative leads and holds them in place.

big block rda deck

Building the 454 Big Block can be quite a struggle if you are new to building coils. The deck is set up in such a way that vertical coils are easiest to build however I have the best flavor and vapor products from coils that are slightly tilted.
The airflow control features four holes placed across from each other and can be adjusted by turning the airflow control ring. The AFC is set up for single, dual, and quad coils. I love the smooth feel of the airflow control – not too stiff and not too loose.
You also have the option of using a different drip tip if you choose to. For me personally, the included drip tip had too much of a restricted airflow for my taste. I use a wide bore delrin drip tip purchased from Vapor Delight in Los Angeles, CA.
The 454 Big Block opens up a world of coil building possibilities for the experienced builder. Here are some of the builds that I found best suited for this device:
1. Dual Coil – 24 gauge kanthal, 8 wraps, 2.4mm inner diameter, horizontal
2. Quad Coil – 26 gauge kanthal, 10 wraps, 2.4mm inner diameter, vertical (slightly angled)
Both of these builds put out great vapor and flavor. They are fairly easy to build but one tip I can you is to have leads facing the opposite direction. It makes them easier to trap under the negative ring.

coil build 454 big block

I own many RDAs but my go to is the Hobo version 2 by Hobo Customs. Every new RDA that I buy is compared to the Hobo and I have yet to find one that can compete… until now. Looking at the 454 Bog Block it appears to have a very large chamber that would indicate that it is more of a cloud chaser’s RDA. The chamber is actually smaller than it appears to be which is great for flavor and the airflow can either be airy of constricted depending on your choice.
Overall, this RDA has become one of my favorites and I’ve found myself using it about 50% of the time lately. If you are looking for a good, versatile device I highly recommend picking this thing up. It’s a bit difficult to build on but once you get comfortable building it you will be greatly rewarded!

big block rda

big block rda kryptonite

The 454 Big Block RDA by Kryptonite can be purchased from your local vape shop. The following local vape shops carry this device and you can order from their online store:

Vapor Delight – Los Angeles, CA

Texoma Top Shelf E-Cig and Vape – Sherman, TX

R&B Vapes – Elk City, OK