5 Easy Tips to Boost Sales at Your E-Cigarette Shop

Is your vape shop in a sales slump? Do you need a quick way to boost sales without laying out a lot of cash for advertising and marketing? Here are 5 quick ways that you can sell more e-cigarettes – quickly!

1. Send a Mass Email Offering a Crazy Good Deal

Email marketing is something you should already be doing. We will assume that you have a nice email list full of people who have purchased from you in the past. Also, if you have your customer’s phone numbers you can also send a text message with the same offer. If you need a quick increase in sales you can send out a special email with an insane special offer. Sure, your margins may not be that great but if need to generate some quick cash flow email marketing can help.

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2. Reach Out to the Reddit Community

There is a huge section of Reddit devoted solely to e-cigarettes and vaping. There is a vendors area where you can post your online specials, and general forum to talk about e-cigarettes, and also a classified section called /r/ecigclassifieds.

If you need to unload some products you can head straight to /r/ecigclassifieds and make some posts. You will have to offer a sizable discount but ideally you will earn the trust of the Reddit community and some of the users will become repeat customers. We don’t suggest making this part of your normal sales strategy but in a pinch it can help you pick up some quick cash.

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3. Hit Up Your Social Media Followers

Get on Facebook and let your followers know that you are having a huge blowout sale. If you don’t have many Facebook followers on your business page then make a post from your personal page and ask your Facebook friends to share your post. This will work really well if you are keeping your business Facebook page and your personal Facebook account separate. Your friends will be less likely to share your content if you are consistently spamming their newsfeed.


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4. Hold an Open House or Cloud Contest

Put together a quick open house or cloud contest. Tell your regulars to invite their friends and put the word out on social media to draw in traffic. If you have time you should also put out a press release for the local media outlets. Once you have a store full of people (captive audience), hold a flash sale that runs until the event is over. Once the event is over give everyone a coupon for 10% off on their next purchase but make the coupon expire within a very short time (72 hours or so). This will get you some quick sales and also open the door for a ton of repeat business.


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5. Up sell + Cross Sell… Just Sell!

Learn how to effectively up sell and cross sell. if you have some traffic coming into your store then you have an opportunity to generate more revenue per customer.

Take a look at your sales transactions. Determine what your average sale is and try to increase it by a small amount, maybe $5 or $10. You already know what items go well together – tanks and coils, RDAs and Kanthal, etc. Use you knowledge to suggest a small additional purchase at the register. After a couple weeks you will have a nice increase in sales and the best thing is you can continue up selling forever!



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