Your e-cigarette business needs to be active on social media!

Social media is a big deal for a small e-cigarette business. Most small vape shops are low on cash and need a good way to connect with customers. Social media can fulfill your need to reach an engaged, targeted audience for either a very low cost or no cost at all. 

Here at iVape Local we are huge supporters or grassroots marketing campaigns. We believe that if you can truly connect with your local customer base the result will be large profits and a secure future in your market.

1 – Social Media Helps Your Store Establish Credibility

Not having any social media profiles sort of like going to an e-cigarette store that doesn’t have a sign up – you probably aren’t going to notice them, especially if their competitors do have signs put up.

If customers can’t locate you on the web, then you’re definitely losing out on sales, and most certainly losing money.

Having a website is good but it isn’t enough in today’s world. A new survey showed that 85% of people expect a small business to have social media profiles, and 82% of people say that they will be more likely to trust a small business if they are engaged in social media.

The more places where people can find you online, the more customers you are going to connect with.

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2 – Your Customers are on Social Media, You Should be to.

If you still don’t believe that almost everyone is on social media, check out these statistics from a recent study:

72% of all Internet users engaging in social media
89% of people between 18 and 29 years old are social media users
72% of people ages 30 to 49 are actively engaging in social media
60% of individuals from 50 to 60 years old are using social media
43% of folks who are 65 years old and above are discovering social media

Although we can all walk in your e-cigarette business and see people from who are both young and old, a study from 2014 discovered that 44% of millennials (people born between 1977-1994) are active e-cigarette users.

That’s a huge percentage! And it’s also the same demographic with the most active users on social media. 91% of millennials are using Facebook, 59% are engaged on Twitter, and 34% using Instagram.

If your e-cigarette business wants to be in front of a captive audience, then you need to be on social media.

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3 – Social Media Connects to Customers on a Personal Level

Customers love to know who they are doing business with. As a vape shop, is very important that you create loyal customers who want to do business with you – as opposed to one of your competitors.

In the United States the e-cigarette industry is starting to get saturated with vape shops, and you have to find a way to stand out from the competition.

Being active on social media gives you the ability to present customers with a different side of your e-cigarette business – one they may not see when they stop in to quickly grab some coils or Kanthal. With social media, you can engage with your customers, rather than simply marketing to them, which will really help you grow your customer relationships.

4 – You Can Get Creative With Your Marketing Through Social Media

As a new vapor store, you probably do not have a large budget for traditional marketing, which is really common with small businesses.

Using social media, you can do product giveaways, contests and other unique promotions that will drive customers to your brick and mortar store. It will also help them become excited about your vape business and start following you on your other social sites.

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5 – Social Media Is Truly Best Way For a Small Business To Reach Lots Of People 

Social media is the absolute best way for a small vape shop with a limited marketing budget connect with potential e-cigarette customers. This is a crucial time  in our industry pending FDA regulations – and it’s important for you to connect with as many loyal, engaged customers as possible.

Social media is a great way to do just that. There isn’t another way that you connect with that many people on such a large scale without investing any money. By creating a solid strategy and keeping active on social media, you can build up a huge following of people who are very likely to listen to your marketing messages.

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Some interesting social media stats

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