How can I get my e-cigarette website to rank on Google?

There are many tips and tricks when it comes to ranking your e-cigarette website on Google. In this article we will focus on the basic techniques that will allow you to get more hits from Google and other search engines. For the purpose of this article we will assume that you have a full e-commerce website.
1. Write in depth product descriptions

When a user searches for “mechanical mod” they are searching for a broad term and it is unlikely that you will rank on the front page for a nationwide search for that term. If the user searches for “SMK Flagship mod”, Google crawls web pages for information about this device.

By having a very in depth product description Google will view your site as being an authority on this device. Notice that some of the larger online vape shops have written very detailed descriptions which are similar to reviews. This should be your goal. Don’t look at your product description as a sales pitch, look at it as an informational post. Write around 600 words about the device and if possible, include a video from a Youtube reviewer. This will tell Google that you are providing solid information about the search term. Do this for each product in your store.

2. Publish Blog Posts

Write in your blog… a lot! Write interesting articles about e-cigarettes and vaping. You could write about things like “how to choose an e-cigarette” or “best mods under $100”. Once you have your articles written you can share them on social media to drive traffic. Also, you should be sharing your articles on places like Stumbleupon and Digg.

Ideally, you can get other people to link back to your website which makes Google view you as a trusted resource. When writing your blog posts be sure to link contextual words. For example, if you type the word “Kanger Subtank”, you should link that phrase to your Kanger Subtank (<<

3. Be Fast & Mobile Responsive

Your page load speed is very important and Google uses this as a ranking signal. You can check your page load speed here. One of the most common mistakes that vape store owners make when starting out is buying a cheap hosting package. You can buy hosting from Hostgator for $6 per month for the cheapest plan but the business plan costs $11 per month and gives you a ton of great features. Spend the extra $5 and get good hosting. If you already have a good hosting plan then clean up your website to remove things that slow it down. Many wordpress themes are bloated with nice features that slow your site down big tim. Use a clean theme like Divi or Schema to boost page load speed.

Google is also using responsiveness as a ranking signal. If your website is not mobile responsive then you will not rank. iVape Local offers a mobile responsive e-commerce website at an extremely affordable price. Learn more.

4. Create a Sitemap and Submit it to Google

Having a sitemap tells Google and other search engines what pages you have available in your website. It makes it much easier for Google to crawl your website and present the results to users.

Creating a Sitemap is easy. There are many plugins available that will do this for free. Then, all you need to do is submit the sitemap to Google via Webmaster Tools. It’s a fairly easy process and is mandatory for SEO.

Plugin: Google Sitemap Generator

5. Properly Title Your Images

When you add images to your products and to your blog posts be sure to write a relevant title and alt text for your images. Because the Google crawler cannot see pictures, you must tell it what the pictures are about. For example, if you are adding the Sigelei 150w to your website, make sure the images are titled “Sigelei 150w”. When writing the alt text, be sure to use descriptive words. For example, the alt text for this product would read “blue sigelei 150w”. If you carry multiple colors then write alt text for each color.

Writing good image titles and alt text will allow search engines to know what your images are. This is crucial to good SEO.

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