7 Laws of Small Business Marketing for Vape Shops…

We found some fundamentals on marketing your vape shop or e-cigarette store and we thought we should share them. We found these items on a blog called Duct Tape Marketing and thought we would modify them to suit small businesses within the e-cig industry. These are some awesome tips and if you follow them on a regular basis your business will surely grow and prosper.

#1 The Law of Market Focus
You can’t be everything to everybody. If you take a hard look at your customer base you’ll most likely find that you’ve attracted several different types of customers that make up the most of your business. Maybe you attract more modders than regular e-cig users or more people who purchase ejuice as opposed to hardware. Whatever it is that your customers are purchasing the most of is where you want your focus to be. Don’t get me wrong, you want to have a solid variety of items, just make sure you are focusing on the items that your customers buy the most of when marketing to them.

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#2 The Law of Differentiation

Most customers will generally assume that all businesses in a certain category are alike. This causes buyers to make their purchasing decision based solely on price. If you cannot find a way to differentiate your business from your competitors you will be forced to compete with them on price.
Specializing in RDAs, for example, would be one way to differentiate. Creative marketing campaigns can also set you apart. If you are going to ask customers to pay a premium price for an item then you had better be able to justify it. Find out why your customers choose to shop with you. Doing this will help you find out how customers perceive you as different from other vape shops in the area. Once you know how your customers perceive you as different you can exploit that and make it a central theme in your marketing campaigns.

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#3 The Law of Education

People hate to be sold to. In order to retain customers you will need to educate them and allow them to make the buying decision. This doesn’t mean that you should’t attempt to up-sell or cross-sell, it just means that you need to help them find the right item rather than sell them the item. If possible have a section on your website dedicated to helping new e-cigarette users get started. Use this as a platform to suggest products that you carry. In the store setting you should be asking questions and trying to figure out what is best for your customer and what device they will be most happy using on a daily basis.

#4 The Law of the Prospect

This one doesn’t really apply here because as a vape shop you pretty much already know who your prospective customers are. I will include the segment from Duct Tape Marketing in verbatim below:

Read About the Law of the Prospect

The Law of the Prospect

Once you define your target market, you have really only identified a group that you suspect needs what you have to offer.

Your advertising efforts must focus on getting a group of those “suspects” to raise their hands and tell you that they want to know more about your firm. Once they do that, they become your prospect group.

Your advertising should create prospects first and sales second. In two-step advertising, you first offer free useful information to generate leads.

Those who respond, your prospects, have now given you permission to sell to them.

#5 The Law of Testing

Eighty percent of an ad’s success comes down to the effectiveness of the headline. In some cases even changing on or two words can make a big difference in the ad’s conversion rate. Make sure every ad that you run has a solid headline.
Run two different ads at the same time and track their effectiveness. If you find one ad is doing really great then try making a few small changes to see if you can improve upon it. Testing and tweaking your marketing materials can help you to dial in your advertisements and make  difference in future marketing campaigns.

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#6 The Law of Doing More

Most E-Cigarette stores spend a ton of time figuring out ways to get more customers. However, focusing on your existing customers and looking for ways to get a larger “share” can certainly be worthwhile. As you build your business and your reputation try looking for more ways to serve your existing customers. If you don’t already have a referral program put one in place. Make sure you have a loyalty program as well. Reward your existing customers and they will reward you with their continued patronage.

#7 The Law of Referral

Always ask for referrals. Make sure your customers are aware that you love serving the community and that they will be rewarded for inviting their friends to come to your store.
People will always tend to be more likely to patronize a business if one of their friends is also a patron. There are many ways to leverage your existing customer base to generate more customers. Get creative and find a way that works for you.


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Now that you know the 7 laws of small business marketing you can go out and put them to work!