Here are some customer testimonials about iVape Local’s business services:

I hired iVape Local to design my ecommerce website. They did a fantastic job and went beyond the normal scope of the project. They did everything from build the website, to registering the site with Google, to promoting it on their on social media outlets accounts. iVape Local even created me social media accounts for my business and branded them with my logo (which they designed for free). If you need a website for your vape shop you definitely go with iVape Local!

JR Neans – Owner, TTS E-Cig and Vape

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As a brand new business, I didn’t have much money to spend on web design. My options were to either use a DIY website builder or not have a site at all. I reached out to iVape Local explained my situation and they gave me a price that sounded too good to be true. I told them to ahead and I am so happy that I did! They made me a professional website that would have been out of my reach otherwise. If you are a new business with limited cash flow give iVape Local a call. They will work with you and give a great website.

Lesley Brown – Owner, R&B Vapes

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I called iVape Local when our Magento e-commerce website started acting funny in different browsers. We were really pressed for time and needed a good website very quickly. iVape Local built our new site in less than 48 hours. Their customer service is superb and the developers are amazing. I highly recommend iVape Local to any vapor enterprise who needs an amazing website!

Bryan Truong – VP, US Operations, Vapology Story

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I called iVape Local because I needed my website to show up in Beverly Grove, CA which is a suburb of Los Angeles. Right from the beginning they set my expectations and delivered some amazing results. I was so happy that I decided to ask them to help me with the SEO for second location in Santa Monica. Adam, the owner, will give you a honest estimate of what can be done and he will tell you up front if he doesn’t think he will be able to help you. Thank you iVape Local for helping me et more customers!

Dean Ascar – Owner, Vapor Delight

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