Why You Should Find a Good Wholesale Vape Supplier:

The e-cigarette industry is full of wholesale companies who want to earn your business. You have the option of purchasing from companies based here in the USA or you can source your products directly from China. The problem with buying straight from China is that you generally need to be able to make a significant purchase for your initial order and in many cases you will not get any sorts of guarantees on the products you are purchasing. If you do get a some type of warranty, executing your warranty may prove to be difficult or nearly impossible.

Of the USA based e-cigarette wholesale companies three have really stood out to us here at iVape Local. These companies do not have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and they all have great pricing. Price is obviously a concern for the small local vape shop although sometimes it can be better to pay a slightly higher price knowing that your wholesaler will be accountable for the items that they sell to you.

Vapor Beast

Vapor Beast is one of the leading vape wholesale companies. They boast an incredibly large product selection and their pricing is more than fair. They do not have a MOQ and they will happily sell you whatever you need.

Vapor Beast can offer your business more the ability to purchase products. Each account is assigned a “Vape Consultant” who is essentially their representative. This rep works with the shop one on one to help determine which products are best suited for the shop to carry. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide which products you want to carry but the folks at Vapor Beast will ask you questions about your business to determine which products fit best with your demographic.

iVape Local had the opportunity to speak with the Director of Sales at Vapor Beast, Tod Campbell. Tod explained that new vape shops can benefit from the extensive support and market research that Vapor Beast offers. He explained that ever since the beginning, Vapor Beast has put their customer’s satisfaction as a priority. They focus on building relationships and offering in depth support for the items that they sell. They will also accept returns on hardware up to 45 days after the item has been delivered to your shop. Additionally, they will accept returns after 45 days on a case by case basis.

Vapor Beast Benefits:

  • See vapor shops as partners
  • Wide range of resources – market research, product information, etc
  • 45 warranty on all hardware – will accept returns past 45 days on a case by case basis.
  • Large product selections
  • No MOQ
  • Great pricing

Local Vape Wholesale

Local Vape Wholesale is an excellent wholesale company. They carry a fairly large selection and their pricing is good. Local Vape stands out because they carry a lot of higher end authentic devices that are unavailable from other wholesale companies. Their ordering process is very easy. Simply fill out their form online and email it to them. Local Vape is the perfect company for vape shops who stock a lot of authentic, higher end devices. In fact, they don’t have any clones available for wholesale purchase.

Local Vape Benefits:

  • Fair pricing
  • Higher end devices
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy ordering process

Juice Supply Company

Juice Supply Company only sells premium eliquids from brands like Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, and Flavies. Here is another company that does not enforce a MOQ however they are going to start selling their juices in 5 packs in the near future. Juice Supply Company stands out due to their easy ordering process (fill out an online form) and their super fast shipping. I once ordered 5 bottles of my favorite eliquid and I had the bottles in hand the next day. Just to be clear, Juice Supply Company does not guarantee overnight shipping, but they ship the order priority mail on the same day that you make the purchase. They are very easy to deal with and provide white glove customer service to all buyers.

Juice Supply Company Benefits

  • Easy ordering
  • Low/No MOQ
  • Large selection of premium eliquids
  • Great pricing
  • Excellent customer service


Wrap Up

There are many wholesale companies to choose from and as a vape shop owner it is up to you to decide who to do business with. The above companies will go the extra mile and essentially hold your hand through the ordering process. They can also offer detailed advice as to which products sell better in certain markets