There is a new player in Canada’s E-Cigarette market. has been open for only 2 weeks and they are taking the Canada vapor scene by storm.

RealVape is one of the only e-cigarette stores in Canada to carry Five Pawns brand e-liquid. They also carry e-juice from brands like Moshi, Twelve Monkeys, and other ultra premium e-liquid manufacturers.

Carla Manno, president of, says “It’s difficult for Canadian vapor stores to get their hands on premium e-juice from the USA due to trade restrictions pertaining to nicotine. We have worked very hard with our suppliers to meet the stringent requirements put forth and our work paid off.”

Carla is an ex-smoker who’s life was saved by e-cigarettes. Once she saw how much vaping helped her, she absolutely had to try to help others live healthier lives.

If you live in Canada and want great deals on e-cigarettes and vape gear be sure to visit RealVape’s website by clicking below. Enjoy!

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