Canadian E-Cigarette Sales Spike in Spite of Harsh Regulations

Since 2009 Health Canada (Canada’s healthcare regulation agency) has banned the use of electronic cigarettes. But travel around Toronto and you will quickly see what Canada’s citizens think of the ban, absolutely nothing! Much of Health Canada’s legislation would likely be ruled unconstitutional if it were challenged in the courts, but why challenge something when you can simply ignore it?

Online Vape Shops Help Canadians to Live Healthier Lives

VaperToronto is an online electronic cigarette retailer who is leading the charge to make the devices available to the masses. The company has taken a firm stance against Health Canada’s regulations and has formed a grassroots approach to help people become smoke free.

VaperToronto’s core mission statement revolves around the idea that smokers who want to quit should have every tool available to them. “While we cannot say that electronic cigarettes are 100% safe, we can say with 100% certainty that there is much less risk associated with inhaling a vapor containing nicotine than inhaling smoke.”

The company offers a huge selection of devices and e-juices at incredibly low prices. VaperToronto says that they would rather make e-cigarettes available to everyone at a reduced price than to force someone to continue smoking because they cannot afford to purchase a starter kit.

If you live in Canada be sure to check out VaperToronto for low cost electronic cigarette products.

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