The case studies below are actual clients of iVape Local. If your vape shop doesn’t have a premium website or if your aren’t ranking on page 1 of Google in your area, send us a message. We can definitely help!

Texoma Top Shelf E-Cig & Vape

Texoma Top Shelf E-Cig & Vape is new vape shop located in Sherman, TX. They partnered with iVape Local to handle their website design, social media, branding, and general marketing. When TTS E-Cig & Vape first contacted us they had absolutely zero online presence. They had just completed a soft opening and were disappointed with the results. We created an online strategy that involved leveraging local directory websites, Google Business, social media, and web design. When it was said and done we helped to increase their sales by over 300%!

TTS E-Cig & Vape, Sherman, TX

Problem: Business slow, zero online presence

Create E-Commerce Website

We built a powerful e-commerce solution for TTS E-Cig and Vape. After uploading all products (200+) we were ready to start the SEO process.

Start Basic SEO Tasks

iVape Local generated many local business listings on websites like Yelp,, Manta, and more. We also setup the Google My Business account and linked it to the website.

Press Releases

Press releases are key for new businesses. We wrote up some nice press releases and submitted them to news outlets. Then, we started creating unique blog articles to drive traffic to the new e-commerce website.

Search Placement Improves

As we continually add content to the website, TTS E-Cig & Vape climbs up the search engine rankings. Instead of not being visible at all they are now ranking on page 1 of the Google search results for not only Sherman, TX but all of the surrounding towns as well.

Sales Increase

Once TTS E-Cig and Vape got to the first page of Google they started seeing an increase. In the words of the owner, “we are really struggling to keep things in stock since our sales have picked up.” The increase in sales is a direct result on having premium search engine placement.

Result: Sales Have Increased More Than 300%

Ongoing SEO and Content Marketing
As part of the monthly marketing/maintenance charge, iVape Local continues with SEO, social media management, and content marketing.

We create new and unique content for our client’s blog, post to social media on their behalf, and counter any changes to Google’s ranking algorithm.

TTS E-Cig & Vape was able to increase their sales over 300% simply by getting their business to the first page of the search results in their local market. We did this by building a killer website and focusing on all the right SEO strategies.

Vapor Delight

Vapor Delight contacted iVape Local to solve a serious problem that they were having with their local SEO. They were not showing up on the Google Maps search results for their store in Los Angeles. They were in a very competitive market so getting their business to the top of local search results was a big deal. We were able to get the to the top of the search results for every city near Los Angeles. 

Vapor Delight, Los Angeles, CA

Problem: Needs to appear on page 1 of Google in Los Angeles, CA

Create Targeted Marketing Content

iVape Local began writing keyword optimized articles to send ranking signals to Google

Build Local Citations

We created many local citations in popular e-cigarette and vape shop directories. We keyword optimized the listings based on the goal of the SEO campaign.

Submit Content to Various Article Websites

After publishing the keyword articles in various blogs, we then submitted them to websites such as Stumbleupon, Digg, and Delicious to drive traffic.

Result: Vapor Delight dominates local search results in Los Angeles and the surrounding cities!

Social Media Marketing

We shared the local citations and articles on various social media platforms. This not only drives traffic but sends social signals to search engines for ranking purposes.

Mission Accomplished!

Vapor Delight now ranks on page 1 of Google in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Beverly Grove, and other surrounding areas. This has helped to increase walk in traffic as well as sales for each location.

Mojo Vapes

Mojo Vapes contacted iVape Local to create and optimize an e-commerce website. They were previously using GoDaddy’s DIY website builder and things were not looking good. We were able to build a beautiful e-commerce site and get it ranked #1 in the local search results.

Mojo Vapes, California, MO

Problem: Business slow, no time to work on internet marketing

Design Website

iVape Local transferred Mojo Vapes’ domain over to our servers. We went to work designing a perfect responsive website. After uploading all products we began our SEO work.

Local SEO

We created Yelp, YP, and Google Maps listings. Next, we added links back to the Mojo Vapes website and used keyword optimization on the listings. Then, we adding many local citations in the most popular e-cigarette store directories.

On Page SEO

The goal is to rank Mojo Vapes in the larger city of Jefferson City, MO as opposed to only their home town of California, MO. We used targeted keywords and anchor links to rank the website in Jefferson City, MO which will generate more sales than if it were only ranked in California, MO.

Result: Business increases exponentially through web traffic and local search optimization!

Google Maps Placement

Having your website and local address show up in the Google Maps search results is a must have for any local business. It is a fact that when a business goes from not appearing in the local search results to being displayed, their sales increase tremendously.

Ongoing SEO + Updates

As time goes on we will continue to drive traffic to the Mojo Vapes website by creating unique and original content and building more local citations. Pretty soon, Mojo Vapes will be able to sell their products on a national level thanks to powerful web design and SEO from iVape Local.

If you think iVape Local might be able to help your business please send us a message. We would be happy to talk to you about ways that we can increase your sales.

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