Choosing a good e-cigarette wholesaler is an important part of operating your vape shop.

Becoming an e-cigarette retailer is no easy task. There are hundreds of wholesale distributors to pick from (a lot will even pretend to be actual manufacturers), so telling the reputable wholesalers from the ones you should stay away from from can be a little tough– but it’s not impossible. Here are several tips that we have learned about how to choose a good e-cigarette supplier.
1. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about each e-cigarette wholesale supplier.

The first thing you should do when choosing a supplier is probably the easiest – take a look and see about wholesale company’s  standing with the BBB. Check to see if the supplier has any reported issues, if they were resolved check and see what exactly the resolution was, and if there are a lot of complaints listed, such as defective merchandise and other poor experiences.

2. Research the e-cigarette wholesale supplier – how long has the company been in business?

This info can almost always be found on the supplier’s website. If the information isn’t posted, make a quick phone call. (Note: If the supplier will not provide this basic info, they are not wanting to earn your business.)
You should also make sure that the supplier is the company that they are claiming to be. Cross checking their website information with what is listed at the better Business Bureau is a really good idea. It’s also a good idea to see if the company has had any complaints with the their resident state’s Attorney General’s office.

It’s also smart to do some investigating of your own. Do a Google search for the company you’re interested in and see if there is any negative information. In the internet age if a company is repeatedly doing bad business, it doesn’t stay a secret for very long.

3. Call the e-cigarette wholesaler.

Even though you will probably find all the information you need on the internet, you should still call the supplier so that you can gauge how likely they will be to answer the phone and respond to issues. Did they answer your questions easily without any hints of shadiness? Did the information that the supplier gave you match up with what you read about them online? Did you reach the correct department in a reasonable amount of time? If you answered “no” to these questions then you may want to reconsider doing business with this supplier.

4. Email the e-cigarette wholesale supplier.

Emailing the supplier will give you a pretty good idea of how quickly they will communicate with you. Are they responding within the hour? Does it take them longer than 24-hours to get back to you? Poor customer service can come to light in many different ways – so can great customer service. If the wholesaler got back to you in a in a reasonable amount of time and met your expectations, put them in the “Buy From” file.

5. Place a small retail order and confirm the shipping address.

This is a great way to get a feel for how well the ordering process will go with larger orders. When you get your package take a good look at it and search for the following: Is the return address the same address listed on their website? Is the wholesaler drop shipping from the manufacturer? If the company you are ordering from says they ship directly from their warehouse in Florida but your discover that your order is being drop shipped from China or Mexico it is a giant red flag.

If you confirm that they are shipping from the correct address ask yourself the following: How long did it take for you to get your package? Did they provide you with a tracking number? And most importantly – did your small order arrive when tthe wholesaler told you it would? If you small order arrived several days late retail order, there’s no telling how late a large bulk order will be.

Should I Buy From a Manufacturer or a Distributor?

This is an excellent question. There are advantages and drawbacks to both. Generally, if you want to buy from a manufacturer you will need to purchase a very large quantity. You will get a much lower price in some cases but you cash outlay will be very large.

If you buy from a distributor you can generally get a much lower minimum order quantity (MOQ) and there are several e-cigarette wholesalers who do not even have a MOQ. LA Vapor is one e-cigarette wholesaler that does not have an MOQ. You can purchase very small quantities from them and they also sell some higher end authentic devices as well as Chinese products.

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Why Having a Good E-Cigarette Wholesaler is Important

Just as your customers count on you to provide them with great products at a fair price, your will count on your e-cigarette suppliers to do the same for you. You have to be careful when choosing who to do business with especially if you are buying from Chinese companies. Most of the major Chinese wholesale companies are really great however there are some shady ones lurking around. Be sure to do all of your homework before purchasing because if you get burned by a Chinese company you do not have much recourse. Chinese companies are extremely hard to bring to court and most of the time you cannot get them in a courtroom if the owe you money or break the law.

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