Direct2U Ecigs Cornering the Irish E-Cigarette Marketplace!

Direct2U Ecigs is one of the largest, most popular electronic cigarette retailers in Ireland. From their retail locations at Market St Longford and Castle Street Roscommon, they supply their local customers with a non-harmful alternative to cigarettes. The owner, Sean Ganley has been featured in many Irish and European vape publications for being such a major presence in Irish vape culture.

Direct2u is probably most famous for their line of premium eliquid known as Wicked Ejuice. From their production facility in Wateford the company has the ability to produce around 100,000 bottles per day. Wicked Ejuice has been a huge success and doesn’t see any signs of slowing down. The company has been able to leverage their retail stores to build the popularity of their eliquid while also establishing connections with other leading retailers who now carry Wicked Ejuice in their stores. The production facility in Waterford is the nation’s largest eliquid manufacturing facility!

Wicked Ejuice is made of only the highest quality materials, all sourced in the EU. The final product contains only five ingredients, which are UE Pharmacopeia grade and carry full CoA and QA Certification. As if this was remarkable in itself, their Waterford facility factory operates under the good manufacturing code and all of the products are already EU 2016 compliant.

If you’re interested in learning more about Direct2u Ecigs and Wicked Ejuice, check out their website and social media pages. Links are below:

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