iVape Local can help you solve your credit card processing problems for your e-cigarette business.

Here at iVape Local, we maintain powerful, long lasting relationships with our clients by providing them a personalized service that helps them save money with low credit card processing fees. We have fostered and developed partnerships with numerous banks so that our clients can reap the benefits!

Are you a retailer of vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) in need of credit card processing services for your business? iVape Local is here for you!

At iVape Local, we help all types of vapor businesses in getting started with merchant accounts and credit card processing. With our numerous banking relationships across the USA, we are able to give Vape Shop credit card processing merchants a great solution that will not only save you money but also help you grow.

As a business owner in the e-cig niche, you’re already aware of the growing trends in the use of tobacco alternatives and need a top tier processing solution for your vapor business. We can get your vape business approved for extremely low rate credit card processing. We are certain that your vaporizer store can benefit from super low credit card processing rates, whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, or distributor. Whether you need to complete face-to-face swiped transactions, mobile card processing, or e-commerce payment processing or even a POS integrated payment solution, an iVape Local merchant account will make payment processing a breeze for your business.

credit card processing for electronic cigarette merchants

Accept payments via credit card at your vapor business!

High Approval Rate!

99% of our vape shops are approved for processing within 24 hours! We are proud to be able to look past your history and approve you based on your current situation. We care about what you are doing now, not what you have done in the past. 

Super Fast Turnaround!

We can often get you approved within 24 hours! We don’t waste time or hold your credit card processing application.  Many other e-cig specific credit card processing companies are slow to get you setup. Your business is as important to us as it is to you!

Lowest Rates Possible!

Have you been quoted 4% or higher when dealing with credit card processing companies? iVape Local will not take advantage of your situation. We prefer to be a high volume, low margin processing company which allows us to give you the lowest rates!

Don’t Get Scammed by Other Credit Card Processing Companies

Many electronic cigarette specific credit card processing companies will attempt to charge you high rates and claim that you are “high risk” and therefore must pay a premium. At iVape Local we have negotiated with some of the leading payment companies to help them view e-cigarette businesses the same way that they would view other small business.

If a credit card processing company tells you that you must pay a ridiculously high percentage among other fees, send us a message and we can help.

E-Cigarette Credit Card Processing FAQ

  • Q. What if I was rejected by another company?

    A. It doesn’t matter! We look beyond what is on paper and look at the person who is applying. If you declined by another company we can lobby for you to be approved.

  • Q. Can you integrate with my website and POS system?

    A. Yes! We can generally tie your e-cig merchant solution to your store’s POS system and you e-commerce platform. We can also build out custom solution if you require more advanced features.

  • Q. What rate will be charged?

    A. It varies from account to account. We always lower than other vape specific merchant providers.

  • Q. How long until I can be active and processing credit cards?

    A. If you submit all of the paperwork as directed we can have you up and running within 24 hours in most cases.

  • Q. Can you help me with my e-cigarette website?

    A. Yes! We can craft a custom payment solution that will allow your customers order directly from your website.

  • Q. What if I already have a credit card provider but just want a lower rate?

    A. We can beat any rate 99% of the time. Send us a message and we can help!

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