E-Cigarette SEO – How to Rank (Part 2)

Ok vape shop owners, in our last article (Part 1) we learned about on page optimization for products, how to structure your product descriptions, and how to analyze your domain to determine how well it will perform in the search engines. Today we are going to focus on off page SEO which includes Google Search Console, Google My Business, and other basic tactics that will set you up for success. We will get into some very basic link building tactics that help you establish your site as authoritative and powerful. Then, in Part 3, we will get into some very advanced link building tactic that iVape Local uses to rank clients. We have always been able to rank our clients in the top 3 search results for terms like, “vape shop Pikesville” or E-Cig store Sherman, TX”. We get page 1 rankings within a few weeks but it takes a little bit more time to get our clients into the top 3 map based search results.

Things We Missed in Part 1

In part 1 we forgot to suggest that you need to mention your business name somewhere in the product description. You also need to link your business name to your homepage. It looks like this: “iVape Local is proud to present…” This will transfer the authority from the links that we are going to build back up to your home page. This is crucial. Also, link to other products when mentioned contextually. “…the TFV4 goes well with the Kanger Subtank Mini…”

Getting Ready to Rank Your Page

We need to make sure that Google has indexed our page. Figure this out by typing site:yoursite.com into the search engine. If you page has not been indexed yet then we need to get it indexed. The easiest way to do this is to go to Webmaster Tools and ask Google to crawl to the page. Learn that here.

Another option is to Ping your page using a free ping tool. Just enter your URL and keywords and Ping away. Use the tool here. Just ping one time, don’t go overboard. Also, do not use any of the free tools at the site such as the Backlink Generator unless you know what you’re doing. Links are god but too many too fast will get your precious website deindexed and you’ll have to start all over.

Build Some Links

You want to build some authority links to you product page. Start by sharing the product on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Be sure to add appropriate Tags and Hashtags in these social media sites. If you are running a sale on the item head over Reddit and share it there. If you are a member of any forums share it there as well.

Go and write a product review about the product in your blog. Make the article at least 300 words and be descriptive. Contextually link to the product and also link to your home page. Share this blog post on Social Media, forums, and article submission sites.

Social Bookmarking Sites:

You will need to go to these site and submit a link to your product and blog post about the product. This can help drive traffic but more importantly it sends a signal to search engines that your product and blog post are being talked about and shared online. This builds relevance.

List of Social Bookmark Sites:

Top 65 High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites List
Pinterest.com 9
Reddit.com 8
Stumbleupon.com 8
citeulike.org 8
Delicious.com 8
connotea.org 8
scoop.it 7
fark.com 7
bibsonomy.org 7
newsvine.com 7
Digg.com 7
slashdot.org 7
Technorati.com 7
diigo.com 7
google.com/bookmarks 7
jumptags.com 7
plurk.com 7
linkarena.com 7
squidoo.com 6
folkd.com 6
metafilter.com 6
blinklist.com 6
current.com 6
ideaoverten.com 6
ubermedia.com 6
dzone.com 6
icio.de 6
wikio.com 6

Read the full list here.

Next Steps

Now that we have done some basic link building it’s time to get serious about pushing our product to the top of the search results. In part 3 we will are going to get in depth and show you advanced tactics that we use to push our clients to the top. How competitive your product is will determine how many links you will need to build. In some cases, simply completing part 1 and part 2 of our series will have your product on page 1. For a very competitive product you will take it one step further and we will show you in part 3.

If you have any questions you can email us iVape Local: [email protected]