E-Cigarette SEO – How to Rank (Part 3)

In the third and final installment of this series we are going to learn some advanced link building tactics that will propel your site to the top of the search results. These techniques are what we use to rank our clients for highly competitive search terms. I will warn you, do not try these tactics unless you have fairly firm understanding of SEO and how Google ranks websites. If you are not comfortable with building links to your site you can still rank, it will just take longer.

If you don’t want to be involved with Grey/Black hat SEO do the following:

  1. Write blog posts (800+ words) about products and things happening in the industry.
  2. Share these post on social media. Encourage others to share them.
  3. Interlink your blog posts with your products.
  4. Repeat this process.

Over time your website will become relevant in the E-Cig Industry and you will slowly rise through the search results. The only problem with this strategy is that it takes time. iVape Local was started in November of 2014 and it took us 6 months to dominate the search results because we did everything White Hat and earned our links naturally. we now dominate page 1 for terms like, “web design for vape shops” “e-cig web design” e-cig marketing tips” etc.

How Can I Rank Quickly (and safely)?

There are many SEO companies who will sell a dream but leave on page 2 or even worse, get your site sandboxed by Google. You want results quickly but the last thing you want to do is risk the well being of your site.

The best way to transfer authority to your site is though something called “buffer sites”, which are web properties that massive authority and links points pointing at them. Using this strategy will insulate your site from the effects of mass link building but allow the authority of those links to transfer over.

Web 2.0 Buffer Site Blueprint

Here’s what you need to do to rank an individual product:

  1. Go to Tumblr, WordPress.com, and Medium and build a profile on each one. Use a different email address than the one you use for everyday activities.
  2. Write and article on each one of these sites about the product you want to rank to for. In this article be sure to link out to authority sites such as Wikipedia. Do not link to other e-cig sites that are selling products. Here is an example: http://failureson.tumblr.com/. Build these web 2.0 properties using nice, well written articles. If you need to purchase articles you can email us: [email protected] and we can provide you with articles.
  3. Document your work on a spreadsheet to you can track your success and make tweaks later on.

Now that you have build your buffer sites it’s time to power them up with some purchased links. This is an excellent strategy because if something goes wrong you only have to go and delete the links from the buffer sites as opposed to trying to clean up your link profile by deleting thousands of spammy backlinks.

Powering Up Your Buffer Sites

Now it’s time go out and buy some links to our buffer sites. There are many sources for backlinks on the web but we are looking for 3000-5000 cheap links like blog comments, wiki links, and forum profiles. These are low quality links that we would never point directly at our main site. If you were to point these links directly to your main site you would see a huge increase in search placement but within several weeks your site would be deindexed. Because our buffer sites are on domains that have a ton of authority, these spammy links don’t hurt them but they pass the power along to your main site.

Here’s where you can buy cheap links:

30,000 GSA Links $20 – When you buy this link package it’s best to point these to Web 2.0 buffer sites, Facebook page, G+ page, Twitter page, and Youtube Channel. Do not point all 30,000 to your 3 web 2.0 blogs. 

10,000 GSA Links $5Use this package to power up your 3-5 Web 2.0 buffer sites. You can also send some of these to your Facebook page or other social media properties.

DO NOT point these links directly to your website. They will have you knocked out of Google so fast your head will spin.

iVape Local Can Help

I know all of this info is probably a lot to take in. There are many variables involved and if you aren’t careful you can do some damage to your website. If you want to rank on Google iVape Local can execute this process as part of our seo packages. If you’re interested in purchasing seo or if you have a question about how you rank better, send us a message.

We are always happy to provide guidance and answer questions even if you aren’t a customer. Message us here.