What if you could order some juice at 8am and have it delivered to your office later that day? Several local vape shops are setting out to make that a reality for their customers.

As the e-cigarette industry grows larger, we are beginning to see many vape entrepreneurs getting more and more creative. What seems to be a new trend is the idea of a vape delivery service where you place your order online and the local B&M hand delivers your order to your home or office. This offers a new opportunity for vapers who are pressed for time or don’t want to wait for a package to be delivered in 2-3 days or more. It also offers local vape shops a way to increase sales by offering a new service to their customers.

There aren’t very many vape shops that will deliver but the ones that do are making it a core part of their business model. One shop, Mojo Vapes in Jefferson City, MOis making e-cigarette and eliquid delivery their main way of doing business. If a customer needs coils, eliquid, or even a new mod, they simply place an order on Mojo Vapes’ website and schedule a time for delivery. The company doesn’t have a minimum order amount so a person could order one bottle of eliquid and still have it delivered free of charge. After being in business less than six months, Mojo Vapes is starting to capture their fair share of sales in Central Missouri.

Another local vape business that is making delivery a key part of their business plan is Vape Runners in Bel Air, MDOn their website, Vape Runners says that they will deliver products same day if the order is placed prior to 6pm. Customers also have the option to pick up their purchase at the retail store.

As this new trend starts to catch on, we should see a lot of local B&Ms offering some type of delivery service. Having delivery capabilities will allow these retail stores to start picking up sales that would have likely gone to the online-only vape shops. Some customers will be able to justify paying a higher price for the convenience of have their favorite vape gear hand delivered to them on the same day.

Local B&Ms that offer delivery are doing the right the thing by trying to set themselves apart in an industry that is becoming more and more competitive by the day. As time goes on I think we will see a lot of B&Ms getting creative with their businesses and offering a wider a variety of services. Offering additional services like delivery could really help to boost sales at the local level.

If you own a vape shop and want to start offering a delivery service, here are some tips to get the word out:

  1. Let customers know at the register – Print up some small post card or business card marketing materials and give one to each customer at check out.
  2. Have your staff spread the word – Make sure your staff understands that they need to be mentioning your new delivery service to customers while helping them.
  3. Offer a discount – Offer a loss leader such as: free delivery, free bottle of house eliquid, of a percentage off the total sale when a customer uses your delivery service for the first time.
  4. Leverage social media – Post daily on social media to let your follower know that they can have their items delivered to save themselves time.
  5. Use window paint – If you have a large window in a high traffic area, use washable window paint to draw a large sign that says, “We Deliver!” or something to that effect.