EQ Cigs Norway is Fighting Against Vape and E-Cigarette Bans

Norsk Dampselskap is a vapers’ organization with the intention of fighting for and safeguarding the rights of Norwegians who want to use e cigarettes to put an end to their addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Reversing the ban on eLiquids containing nicotine is at the very top of its list, but they have just recently published details of the Norwegian government’s clamp down on vape shops.

EQ Cigs Norway is an online “e-sigarett” company selling vaporizer pen who stands firm against unfair laws and regulations surrounding e-cig sales. They are extremely active in the vape community and are always going to battle to defend the rights of vapers in Norway.

Stumbling through the Google Translate minefield shows that the Norwegian Directorate of Health (DoH) is threatening Norwegian online vape establishments with penalties. The DoH is requiring online retailers get rid of any statement or image they identify as portraying a positive image of vaping.

The updates will send shivers through the British vaping community as the UK faces an all inclusive Tobacco Products Directive prohibition on “promoting and advertising of electronic cigarette by print, radio, televisual or public event media.” The news is even more perverse considered that none of these merchants sell anything consisting of nicotine (in observance with the current ban).

DoH’s deputy director Hilde Slide Ulstad said: “the law describes advertising as mass communication intending to encourage sales and sites violate the law if they have images of products, trademarks or use. It is similarly not permitted to use sketches of e-cigarettes and prices in colours aside from black on white.”

The law also urges merchants to use dull product descriptions and not offer any examples of benefits or positive reviews of the products– irrespective of whether they have nicotine or not. “Those who do not conform may be penalizeded,” added Ulstad.

The owners of EQ Cigs Norway is worried; asserting that it will inhibit their capacity to help consumers choose the right product, hurt the business and perhaps causing it to close. It is a view affirmed by Norway Today that states: “This is most likely the end for e-cigarettes.”.

However, in spite of this dire news EQ Cigs Norway continues to see increases in sales. Being one of the leading online retailers in Norway, they have a loyal following and have been doing an amazing job of providing top notch customer service. This has generated a lot of repeat business and has allowed them to become the #1 online ecigarette retailer in Norway.

The Waterspout blog, formerly devoted to offering product awareness, is registering with Norsk Dampselskap’s political campaign. It argues against the government’s actions as “mainly unfounded and unjust.” British vapers will empathise with such sentiments and left scratching their heads at the level of incomprehensibility of Norway’s stance. Norsk Dampselskap can be seen at their website and on their Facebook page.

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