De la Rotonda de la Hispanidad, 125m Este, Frente a Office Depot, Carr Interamericana, San Pedro, Costa Rica

Revolution Vapor offers the best, most inclusive electronic cigarette experience in Costa Rica. 

How do we know? Because we're vapers, too. That's why we launched in 2012: to deliver the level of quality customer service, superior product line, and knowledgeable support that we would want to receive. 

Back then, e-cigarettes were almost unheard of in Costa Rica. You'd see a few around, but they were mostly smaller, cig-a-like (or 1st generation) models and getting an ample variety of e-liquid was difficult. Revolution Vapor changed all that. 

Now that we've invested more than 3 years in building a passionate team, a vibrant community of e-cig users around Costa Rica, and a line of top-tier products available online and in-store for all experience levels, budgets, and lifestyles, it's much more common to see advanced personal vaporizers in the wild. 

We couldn't be happier to be leading Costa Rica's vapor revolution.