Finding the right e cigarette is very important…

When planning your first e cigarette purchase I’m fairly certain that you will have many, many questions. There are so many brands and designs out there that it is almost discouraging for the new e cigarette user. Some devices can look oversimplified while others can look intimidating and might also be very expensive.
Ask any veteran vaper if they wished that they had purchased an expensive mod from the start as opposed to a cheap eGo device and most will tell you yes. If you add up all of the money spent during your natural progression through the world of vaping it will certainly add up to quite a bit. When we are new to e cigs most of us want something simple and easy to use, with minimal components and variables. Often times we find that the first device we choose doesn’t have the desired effect and we either upgrade to something better or in the worst case go back to using regular cigarettes.
Like a lot of people my first e cigarette was purchased from a gas station for around $10. I bought the “extra high” nicotine content option and used the device to supplement my addiction to Copenhagen and Skoal. I used it when I couldn’t put a chew in and it helped a little bit but I could never be sure if it was actually helping or if I was experiencing a placebo effect.

Blu E Cigs

Vision Spinner

After about six months of using a variety of Blu e cigs and other gas station devices I went to a local e cigarette store and bought an eGo battery and a Kanger Tech Evod clearomizer along with some 24mg nicotine juice. I was blown away at the difference and I actually felt like this thing was helping but I was chewing tobacco daily so I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to reach my goal. My fiance’ was constantly nagging me every time she saw me with a chew in my mouth and I was really getting sick of it.
I was at my local vape shop buying some e juice and browsing their devices. I always saw the mechanical mods and the RDAs but I thought that those things were a waste of money. Who pays $200 for an e cigarette? Not me! However, I was craving a little more vapor and I was still using 24mg nicotine juice so I asked the girl behind the counter to recommend something.
She reached into the glass display case and pulled out a Vision Spinner. She let me try it and I was blown away by the increase in vapor. Plus, I could adjust it to whatever setting I felt comfortable with. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I think it somewhere in the $35 range. I figured this would be the last e cigarette that I would ever buy and that I would only need to buy coils and juice from then on. LOL.
I vaped on the Vision Spinner for a while and eventually bought an iTaste VV so that I could fine tune my vaping experience. The iTaste was a bad purchase and it stopped working in about two weeks. At this time I was noticing that some of my eGo batteries and even my Vision Spinner were not giving me the same effect that they once had.
I went back to the vape shop and looked at their mechanical mods. This shop in particular sold many clones and only a few authentic devices. I didn’t really know the difference at the time so I didn’t really care. I ended up buying a Panzer clone and a Tobh Atty clone. The girl said that this would truly be the last e cigarette that I would need to purchase because I could rebuild the coils whenever I needed to. she did warn however that buying new mods and atomizers is addictive and I would most likely be purchasing more stuff. Not out of need but out of the desire to collect different devices. She was right.

Panzer Clone


Since then I have purchased a ton of stuff. I upgraded to an authentic SMK Flagship mod with a Plume Veil atomizer. I own an authentic Vulcan, Hobo, Mutation X, Tobh Atty, Dark Horse, and Stillare atomizer. I enjoy getting vape packages in the mail and shopping at my local vape store. I love the industry and the innovation that goes into the design of each device. I love perfecting a build and learning the ins and outs of every new device that I buy. It truly has become somewhat of an addiction but in a good way.
Here are some tips from Greensmoke on choosing your first device. Check out Greensmoke here.
1. Durable, Quality Batteries: The electronic cigarette battery is the lifeblood of the electronic cigarette. You should make sure that your battery is powerful enough to give you hours of vaping pleasure. It’s also important to make sure that the battery is durable. Throughout your busy day it’s sure to take a number of bumps.
2. Ease of Use: When electronic cigarettes were first introduced to the market they utilized a 3-piece design. This design required vapers to manually refill their e-cigs with a messy vaping liquid that would frequently spill and get everywhere, staining clothing and furniture. They also contained a reusable atomizer which would clog and reduce performance with use.
Today the industry standard is the 2-piece design. This design makes replacing the e-cigarette cartridge very easy, because the cartridge comes pre-filled with vaping liquid. It also contains a fresh atomizer in each replacement, ensuring a fresh experience with each puff. To replace they cartridge, you simply need to screw off the used cartridge and screw on a fresh one. Be sure to choose an electronic cigarette that has a 2-piece design.
3. Multiple Charging Options: The battery is what keeps you vaping. If you choose an electronic cigarette kit that only has a USB charger, then you’ll be out of luck when you run out of power and you’re nowhere near a computer to charge it. Be sure to get an electronic cigarette kit that gives you multiple charging options – preferably a car adapter and a wall adapter. This pretty much guarantees that you’ll be able to charge your battery anywhere you are.
4. Flavor: Let’s face it, you can certainly use any e-cigarette you want to, but the only ones that you’ll enjoy are the ones with great flavor. You might find that you like to change your flavor to match your mood or that you want to try a number of flavors until you find your favorite. The point is the more flavor options, the more likely you’ll find the best flavor for you. So choose an e-cig brand that’s known for the quality of its flavors, AND offers multiple tobacco-flavors, as well as other flavor options.
5. Cartridge Life: Yes, you want to make sure you get a good flavor from your e-cig, but you also want that flavor to last. It’s really annoying to have to change your cartridge after just a few puffs – even if you paid a cheaper price for that cartridge. So make sure that the e-cigarette you choose offers cartridges that last a long time – like around a full day if you are an average vaper. The more puffs per cartridge, the longer vaping time you’ll have between changing cartridges – and the more you’ll save because of it.
6. High Vapor Volume: This is another thing to look for – high vapor volume. One of the little pleasures of vaping is watching the vapor escape your lips and form a cloud. Not all e-cigs are created equal in this regard. Be sure to read reviews and maybe even watch a video to make sure that the e-cig has a high vapor volume output.
7. Customer Service: This is a tip that really applies to any product that you choose – e-cig or not. A good customer service team is essential for guaranteeing that you get the best experience possible. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on an electronic cigarette kit, find out the battery doesn’t work and then spend hours trying to reach an actual person on the phone to help you, and then being told that they won’t replace that battery.