How to Get Sponsored by Vape and E-Cig Companies

So you’ve been vaping for a while, entering cloud contests, and have made a name for yourself in the local vape scene. You want to leverage your cloud chasing talents in exchange for new devices, e-juice, and swag but maybe you aren’t sure how to go about getting a bonafide vape sponsorship. In this article we will discuss the right way to get vape shops and product manufacturers to recognize you and want to do business with you.

Building Your Brand

Who are you? When someone who doesn’t know you looks at you, what do they see? Many vapor companies like to sponsor people who are edgy and who can set trends. If you are looking for a vape sponsorship you will need to show the companies that you can influence people and lead them to purchase your sponsor’s products. If other vapers don’t look to you for guidance or advice then you can’t expect a company to give you free stuff to promote them.

Build a Social Media Following on Instagram

Ever notice how many of the more popular vape brands and coil builders are all over Instagram? It because they can build up a massive following and get their message out to millions of people, free. If you want to get sponsored in any capacity you had better be at least somewhat popular on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The best to get followers is to follow people. On Twitter and Instagram many people will follow you back simply because you have decided to follow them. Hopefully you can create some cool content that will get shared and retweeted by your followers. This will help to get you on the radar of potential sponsors who are looking for someone to help them promote their brand.

It also helps to have an active YouTube channel with some cool videos of you doing whatever is you are good at. Whether you specialty is building coils or blowing clouds, having a YouTube channel is almost mandatory. Plus, once you build up your followers, companies will begin to send you stuff for reviews.

Create a Media Kit

Put together a digital portfolio of photos and videos that showcase your talents. If you are particularly savvy you can even make your very video promo that shows you blowing big clouds or creating crazy coil builds. The idea behind this is to have all of your greatest moments organized and in one place so that you can easily share this media with potential sponsors. Put together all of you media and compress it into a zip file for easy distribution. You could even upload the items to Google Drive and then share the link with whoever you want. You can make an awesome flier at Piktochart and use it to promote yourself.

Another option is to have an online portfolio hosted on a WordPress blog. It will take a little bit of web design skills but WordPress is super easy to use and the learning curve is very small. Create a small website with a few pages that have photos and videos on them. Be sure to watermark or otherwise copyright your media. Get a free WordPress site here.

Reach Out to Potential Sponsors

Once you have created a brand, built a social media following, and put together a portfolio, it’s time to make contact with companies who might want to sponsor you. If you are a regular at a local vape shop it might make sense to start there. The larger e-juice and hardware companies get slammed with sponsorship requests so make sure you are able to stand out from any other cloud chucker.

Email outreach might be best because it is very quick and easy to do. Plus, you can attach your portfolio for review. Create an email template that introduces yourself and that talks about your brand. Be sure to include how many followers you have for each social media channel. Also, list you accomplishments in the local vape scene, any coil builds you may have invented, and any cloud contests that won.

How Much Are You Worth?

It all boils down to how many media impressions you can get for the company who is sponsoring you. That’s why it’s important to have a large social media following and a YouTube channel. You see, a vape manufacturer can purchase advertising from magazines, websites, and other outlets for various prices. If you are a better a value then you will have no problem getting a sponsorship.

If you have 50,000 Instagram followers that means whoever sponsors you will be getting their product in front of 50,000 interested people. Most ads on websites are sold based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) so if your sponsor is advertising on various blogs and paying $5-$10 per one thousand impressions, it might really make sense for them to hook you up with free gear in exchange for you mentioning them through your marketing channels. If your prospective sponsor is currently paying $250 for 50,00 media impressions then by throwing you some free e-juice or a new rda that company can really save money!

How to Pitch Yourself to Sponsors

Hi Mr. Potential Sponsor,

I am a local vaper who loves your products and I use your (insert product here) daily. I wanted to reach out to you because I have amassed a very large following in my local vape scene and on social media at a national level. I understand that you are currently advertising (list websites where their ad is located) and I think that I could bring some serious value to the table by sharing your products with all of my fans.

Here is a breakdown of my social media following:

Facebook Fan Page: 12,000 likes
Twitter: 40,000 followers
Instagram: 60,000 followers
YouTube: 120,000 subscribers
Average YouTube Views per Video: 40,000 – month 1, 160,00 – lifetime

I know how expensive it is to advertise on various websites so I thought to connect with you in hopes that I might be able to help you get a large amount of media impressions at a fraction of the cost that you are currently paying.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

You can write the email however you want but be sure to mention how many subscribers you have and definitely do not forget to mention that you know how expensive CPM advertising is and that you can save the company money.

Keep Building Your Brand

Once you get sponsored you will have access to all the newest products and gear. Be sure to continue to build you personal brand and keep amassing followers on social media. Always stay true to your fans and show you care by giving away some of your stuff. You never know, maybe one day you will want launch your own product and when that day comes you will have the marketing channels in place to make your product a big success.

If you have any question you can email us: [email protected]