What is guerilla marketing? How can I use it in my vape shop? Is this something that I even want to use at my store?

Short answer – Yes!

To understand the concept of guerilla marketing we must first understand the term. In the past “Guerillas” were small groups of armies (citizens, resistance fighters) who would use unconventional tactics to win battles against larger, more powerful forces.
Being a small or medium sized business it is likely that your marketing budget is fairly small and you must make every dollar count. You can use guerilla tactics to even the odds against larger, more financially powerful competitors.

guerilla marketing

The idea here is to do something unique that will stand out and ultimately build a buzz about your e-cig store. Ideally, your guerilla marketing campaign will go viral and be liked, shared, and tweeted not only in your local area but all over the world.
Guerilla marketing campaigns should follow this protocol:
1. Should be unique and creative.
2. Should be low cost.
3. Should be designed to be viral in nature.
Your should be relevant to e-cigarettes and vaping since that is what you are selling.
On the other hand your concept could be designed around building brand awareness and getting more people to think about your business when they are ready to make a purchase.
If your store is located in a high traffic area you could stage your campaign at the store or on the sidewalk or street near your building. If you are in a low traffic area the best way to reach more people would be to do something online and tweet it or share it around. If you choose to stage an event right outside your store, be sure to film it and take plenty of pictures so that you can spread them all over the internet.
Here are a few low cost guerilla marketing ideas:
1. Do a Fake Protest
A fake protest is a great way to get attention for your business because it not only makes people aware of you, it also shows them that you have the confidence in your products that other companies don’t. Make sure you and your employees are loud and proud and you will definitely get the attention of anyone within earshot of you.
You could hold a protest against cigarettes or even against cancer. Have all your employees holding signs and being loud. Film the whole thing and watch it go viral.
2. Place Coupons on Trees
Hanging coupons outside of businesses is a newer marketing technique, but it is something that is sure to get the attention of anyone who walks in front of your doors. People respond when they see something out of the ordinary, and they definitely respond when they see a chance to save money.
A great thing about hanging coupons outside of your business is that you can see for your own eyes which coupons interest people and which ones don’t.
3. Postering
Postering has been around for a while now, but it’s picked up steam again, thanks to a lot of clever posters that companies have come up with. Basically, postering is when you make a poster that seems to say or offer one thing, but it does it in a way that is both funny and makes people think.
A good way to implement this strategy is to have a question on your poster that just about everyone in your target audience will understand. Then, you wither need to make them laugh or want to take the time to get the “help” they need by calling the number or going to the web address that is printed on the poster.
4. Give Things Away
Hold contests on social media and give away a great prize. You could do something where people can post their coil builds to your Facebook page and the person with most unique coil wins 1 bottle of house juice per week for 6 months. This would cost you next to nothing but would certainly increase customer engagement.
5. Decorate the Outside of Your Building
Create a unique and creative window graphic, redesign your entryway, put fog machines outside, etc. Be sure the decorations are relevant to e-cigs and vaping though. Doing this will cause anyone who walks by to look at what you’re doing and more importantly, tell their friends.

iVape Local encourages you to read up on guerilla marketing and leverage these tactics to grow your business. There are many resource on the web that can help guide you and give you a more thorough understanding the whole process.
iVape Local can assist you with your marketing by doing targeted social media campaigns SEO. If you want to learn about how we can help send an email to: [email protected].