Being in the market for a new atomizer, I went down to my local vape shop and had a look in their display case. I was looking for something that was of superior quality and I was ready to drop around $100 for my new atty.
I looked at several atomizers in this price category Рthe Tugboat, Quasar,  and the 454 Big Block were all sitting in the display shining brightly through the haze of vapor that was floating in the room.
Then I saw it. It was small and shiny, with a simple engraved logo on the front of the device. I asked the owner of the shop about it and he said that the Hobo is one of the best selling RDAs that he carries. He also said it was my lucky day since he only had one left.
I was looking for something a little different than the standard three post atty. I had been using a Mutation X v3 for the past month and I absolutely love it but I really wanted to try out a higher end atomizer.
The Hobo feels very solid when you pick it up. The quality of material is definitely better than my Mutation X but would it vape better? The short answer is yes… and no.


The Hobo has unique design that allows you to do many different builds. The deck is machined from one solid piece of 316 grade stainless steel. The juice wells are pretty deep and it holds a good amount of juice. The screws are loosened and tightened with a tiny hex key that is included with the device.
There are five decent sized air holes that can be adjusted depending on your airflow preference. The Hobo loves vertical coils and you definitely get the most out it by using them. It is easy to do other builds but I have found that vertical coils make the most of the deep juice wells and encourage the juice to flow upward into the coil.
One of the best features of the Hobo is the removable inner juice well sleeve that makes building on the Hobo a breeze. You simply unscrew the ring and the posts become exposed allowing you to easily insert your coils. I’m not sure of the exact diameter of the post holes but the Hobo can easily handle 24 gauge parallel coils so I don’t see the post holes being an issue.


One drawback to the Hobo is the small insulator on the positive post. The insulator is very close to the coils and will melt if you aren’t careful. Mine has already deformed a bit from the heat being generated when it is fired. I looked on Ebay and KindeyPunch and did not see a rebuild kit for the Hobo. I guess if you need some spare parts you would need to go through Hobo Customs directly. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a major issue but it is a cause for concern as you wouldn’t want to suck plastic fumes into you lungs.

Vertical Coils on The Hobo RDA

Note the black insulator on the positive post

Overall I am a huge fan of the Hobo RDA. It screams quality and feels like it’s worth the $100 that it costs. I would definitely recommend using vertical coils to make the most of this device but it performs well with almost any build that you can think of. Just remember to be careful of the little black insulator and try not to melt it when you are doing your builds. If you don’t already own the Hobo you should go pick one up today. It’s a great all around atty and you can’t go wrong having one in your collection.