Do People in India Use E-Cigs?

Vaping has progressed over the last several years and has become a worldwide trend. People from nearly every country are using e-cigs to quell their smoking habit. One country that where vaping has really taken off is India. New Dehli India’s capital, is one of the cities in India that has heartily embraced electronic cigarettes and the local government has not taken any steps to ban the products from being sold unlike the here in the US.

We had the opportunity to speak to the good folks over at, an Estonia based online e-cig vendor who sells Box Mods to the good people of India. decided to target India as opposed to other countries due to the lax trade regulations and the growing demand from a nation who formerly had one of the highest tobacco use rates in the world. told us that they are happy to offer the largest selection of box mods available to the residents of India and they love the fact that they are contributing to the decline of traditional cigarette use in country where access to quality medical care can be difficult in some of the rural areas.

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 120 million smokers in India which accounts for 12% of the worlds smoking population. In 2009 approximately 900,000 people in India died from smoking related illness. It’s a good thing that there is a company who is focused on providing box mods and other electronic cigarette devices to the residents of India.

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