Innokin iTaste VF


I was browsing the rda selection over at E Cig of Denver in Federal Heights when the Innokin iTaste VF caught my eye. I had vape shop employee pull it out of the display case so I could see the deck and check out the device. The price was $34.99 which seemed fair for a low-end authentic rda. It looked pretty solid so I went ahead and picked it up.
The Innokin iTaste VF came in a little plastic box with 3 extra screws and some extra o-rings. The screws can be unscrewed either by hand or with a screwdriver. The packaging was definitely cheap but for $35 you can’t really expect too much.
The way the device is put together is pretty neat though. The whole thing screws apart at many different places. The top cap is threaded so there aren’t any worries about leakage and the airflow is adjust by a ring that sits between the top cap and the deck. The holes are long and skinny which appears to give you great control over the airflow.
Flexibility with airflow is a great thing to have since everyone is different. Some may want big clouds while others want big flavor. The Innokin iTaste VF can seems to be able to provide both.
itaste 1
Overall the Innokin iTatse VF looks great and would appear to be great value for the price however there is one problem – I never got to use it.
When I got home I was excited to build on the device so I immediately opened the package and proceeded to make up some coils. I used 24 gauge kanthal A-1 and wrapped them around a 2 mm precision screwdriver. Everything was going great until I went to tighten the coil and the post broke. It broke off right where the hole is and there was no way I could build on that post. I was so disappointed that I put Innokin iTaste VF away and never did a build.

Broken Post

itaste 31
I recently watched another review for the VF which gave me the idea to just build dual coils on the same positive and negative posts. The reviewer’s post didn’t break, he said that he felt the device functioned better with both coils coming out of the same posts. I may go try this and write another review but for now the Innokin iTaste VF gets 2.5 out of 5 stars.
It gets 2.5 stars because of the original design and overall look of the device. It looses stars because this one was poor quality and broke very easily. Look at the Mutation X v2, it costs about the same amount of money but I can tighten the coils super tight without worrying that the device will fail and strip a screw or break a post.

The Good

  • Nice design
  • Feels solid – threading is very smooth
  • highly adjustable airflow
  • Good drip tip
  • Easy to tighten/loosen post screws

The Bad

  • Cheap packaging
  • Poor quality machining – posts
  • Easy to break
  • Cheaper components

The Ugly

I wanted to take a moment to address the larger issue here. This is the second time that I bought a cheaper atty/clone from my local shop and paid much more than I could have by ordering online. The first clone had one of the screws strip from just general use (no, I’m not cranking the screws down super hard or doing anything that I shouldn’t be doing) and this one although authentic had the post break on me before I could get a build in.
If you own a vape shop and you are going to sell clones (as a retailer you have to offer something for every type of customer – nothing wrong with selling clones) please make sure that the clones are quality. Even if you have to charge a little more we will understand. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your device home and having issues with it.
I may return the Innokin iTaste VF or I may not. If I do return it I’ll ask for store credit and just get a different atty. I won’t quite say to stay away from this one but take a hard look at it before you buy it so you don’t end up in the same situation that I did.