Swedish MPA Law Hassles E-Cig Retailers

Times are tough for the vapers and e-cig users in Sweden. The government agency known as MPA has banned the sale of nicotine containing e-cig cartridges and

The Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) has been trying to get such a ruling for a while now. In October last year they implemented a sales ban on one of […]

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EQ Cigs Norway Standing Firm In Spite of Government Regulations

EQ Cigs Norway is Fighting Against Vape and E-Cigarette Bans

Norsk Dampselskap is a vapers’ organization with the intention of fighting for and safeguarding the rights of Norwegians who want to use e cigarettes to put an end to their addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Reversing the ban on eLiquids containing nicotine is at the very top of […]

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Elite Vapor in Nova Scotia is Doing Everything Right

Elite Vapor, a brand new vape shop that sells electronic cigarettes in Bedford NS, Canada, feels more like a laid back hangout than a growing e-cig enterprise. The inside of the store extremely nice, with a lounge area e-juice bar, and a general feeling of kindness coming from behind the sales counter.

Patrons who enter are […]

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Direct2UeCigs aka Wicked Ejuice Taking Over Irish Vape Scene

Direct2U Ecigs Cornering the Irish E-Cigarette Marketplace!

Direct2U Ecigs is one of the largest, most popular electronic cigarette retailers in Ireland. From their retail locations at Market St Longford and Castle Street Roscommon, they supply their local customers with a non-harmful alternative to cigarettes. The owner, Sean Ganley has been featured in many Irish and European […]

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Vape Shop Review: DnD Vapor

DnD Vapor is Doing Things Right!
After seeing many small mom and pop vape shops go under over the past several years, it’s very refreshing to see small e-liquid company growing and being successful. DnD Vapor has been able to bootstrap their way into people hearts… and lungs. Doug and Dustin (hence the name DnD Vapor) […]

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India Vape Scene Report

Do People in India Use E-Cigs?
Vaping has progressed over the last several years and has become a worldwide trend. People from nearly every country are using e-cigs to quell their smoking habit. One country that where vaping has really taken off is India. New Dehli India’s capital, is one of the cities in India that has heartily […]

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UK Vape Shop Spotlight: B-Juice

New Vape Shop in Buckfastleigh
Adrian Fitzpatrick never thought he would one day own a wildly successful e-cigarette and e-liquid business in Buckfastleigh. However, his company B-Juice is taking the vape scene by storm! The store specializes in high quality, premium e-juices as well as higher end, authentic mods, tanks, and RDAs. B-Juice has been labeled […]

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How to Get Sponsored: A Vaper’s Guide

How to Get Sponsored by Vape and E-Cig Companies
So you’ve been vaping for a while, entering cloud contests, and have made a name for yourself in the local vape scene. You want to leverage your cloud chasing talents in exchange for new devices, e-juice, and swag but maybe you aren’t sure how to go about […]

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Canadian E-Cig Retailers Growing Strong

Canadian E-Cigarette Sales Spike in Spite of Harsh Regulations

Since 2009 Health Canada (Canada’s healthcare regulation agency) has banned the use of electronic cigarettes. But travel around Toronto and you will quickly see what Canada’s citizens think of the ban, absolutely nothing! Much of Health Canada’s legislation would likely be ruled unconstitutional if it were challenged […]

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New Trend: DankSauce Brand CBD Oils in Vape Shops

What is CBD?

CBD is one of more than 60 chemicals that appear in cannabis that are part to a segment of molecules named cannabinoids. Of these compounds, CBD and THC are usually present in the highest amounts, and are therefore the most recognized and studied.

CBD and THC levels vary among different plants. Marijuana produced for recreation often contains much more THC than CBD.

However, by […]

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