I recently traveled to Jacksonville, FL and wanted to learn about the local vape scene. Here’s what I discovered…

I’m from here but…

I’m actually from Jacksonville, FL. I grew up here, went to school here, and have many friends here. A few years ago I moved to St. Louis, MO after getting a promotion at work. Then, after meeting my soon to be wife we relocated to Denver, CO to be closer to her family. I didn’t enter the vape scene until I moved to Denver so I was excited to come back home and see how things were going for the local vaping community.

Size doesn’t matter…

Jacksonville is the largest city in nation in terms of land mass. The city cover 885 square miles and also boasts the largest population in the state of Florida being home to just under 1 million residents.
In spite of it’s great size the local vape scene is lacking. When I Googled “Jacksonville Florida vape shop” only 7 listings appeared. Several were far away from the hotel that I was staying at but one of them was about 3 miles away. There was also a “vape shop” listed as being located at the local flea market but I had been to this flea market many years prior I doubted that I was going to find anything worth buying there.
I still couldn’t believe that for all of the people in Jacksonville there were only 7 vape shop. It makes me want to quit my job, move back home, and open a killer vapor bar.

My visit to the vape shop…

After leaving the office on Saturday afternoon I hopped in my rented Ford Fusion and proceeded to drive towards Southside Blvd. I was really jazzed about going to a vapor store and hanging out. Plus, I had $100 that was burning a hole in my pocket and needed to be spent on some new gear. I was definitely going to spend some money with the lucky shop that I chose to visit.
I visited a shop called “Hook’d on Vape” which is located on Southside Blvd between Beach Blvd and JTB (if you’re from Jax you know where this is). I walked into the store and noticed a couch to my left with a hookah sitting near it, some display cases, and a juice bar.
I started to browse their selection of atomizers, mech mods, and box mods. They had a large selection of goods and they sell 100ft of Kanthal A-1 for $9.99 which is a pretty darn good price.
I asked the owner if he sold any authentic atomizers (I was going to buy a Plume Veil or a Tugboat if he had one in stock) and he told me that he did not carry anything authentic, only clones. But… It was my lucky day you see! His clones were the best clones out right now and they were just as good as the originals. Now I wasn’t born yesterday but I do know that there are companies putting out decent quality clones so I decided to stick around and see just how good his clones really were.

Clones, clones, and more clones…

I looked at all of the RDA clones in the store and most did appear to be fairly decent in quality. I was definitely disappointed that a local vape shop was not carrying authentic RDAs but the next closest shop was at the flea market so I figured this was as good at gets for now.
The best clones in stock happened to be a Plume Veil and a Darkhorse. I will review these items soon after I run them through their paces. I have been vaping on the Plume Veil for the past several days and I’m actually really liking it. When I get back to Denver I’ll buy the authentic from my local shop. The Darkhorse feels a little cheap but after watching the Rip Trippers review of the authentic it appears that the authentic one feels sort of cheaply made as well. It’s definitely a cloud machine though and I’m having fun with it.
I want to be able to say that these clones suck simply because they are clones but at this point they have been working pretty well for me. I do worry about stripping the screws a little bit but overall I’m in pretty good shape with them.
Here’s a list of my purchases: 1 Plume Veil clone, 1 Darkhorse clone, 1 bottle of house premium ejuice (awesome!), and 1 chuff cap for my Vulcan RDA. Grand total: $75.44

Awesome house eJuice…

I asked the owner if he carried any premium ejuice. He said of course they do and they make it right here in the shop. My definition of premium ejuice is something like Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Five Pawns, etc which I expect to pay a premium price for – not something thrown together and labeled premium.

The owner recommended I try a few flavors and after sampling a few I noticed that one of the flavors tasted exactly like Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood. I love Unicorn Milk and it’s one of my top 3 flavors. I had just happened to run out prior to my trip and was definitely needing some.

The bottle was labeled “Haven Fruit” and I think maybe it was supposed to say Heaven Fruit. I didn’t care though because it tasted just like Unicorn Milk. To be fair, all of the other premium flavors did taste like they were well put together and thought out. This shop’s strong suit is it’s house made ejuice which to me tasted really great. I will probably order their ejuice and have it shipped to Denver.



Jacksonville vape scene in a nutshell…

The scene here is pretty flat. I did notice that several of my coworkers who used to smoke had made the switch to e cigarettes. I was happy to see them moving in a positive direction.

I was really saddened however by the fact that Jacksonville is really lacking in the vape shop department. All of the shops were spaced out geographically in a way that any e cig user in Jacksonville doesn’t have to drive very far to get what they so I guess that’s a plus. I really think jacksonville would benefit from having some good, solid vape shops who are willing to carry a mix of high end authentics to quality, lower cost clones. I’m not saying there aren’t these types of shops, I just saying that ones that I researched only had clones. One of my coworkers says that Black Hat Vapes in Jacksonville Beach carries authentic mods and RDAs so I guess that’s a plus for Jax Beach residents.

Maybe I’m just spoiled being that I live in Denver and we are always early adopters of anything counter-culture. I just wish that everyone, everywhere would be able to have access to quality gear when they need it.