Listing your vape shop in local business directories is a key to success. Here’s why:

Many years ago there was only one place customers would look to find a local business: the phone book. Phone book companies were raking in millions of dollars each month in advertising fees and businesses were happy to pay in hopes of getting their business more visibility to potential customers. Then as the internet became more and more commonplace the phone book (and pretty much all printed advertising) became obsolete.

These days most businesses are putting their advertising dollars into various forms of online advertising including websites, SEO, Facebook ad campaigns, and local business directories. In this article we will cover how to leverage local business directories to drive traffic into your store and to your website.

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Having your e-cigarette store listed in online business directories will help you reach a wider audience than by only using social media. Most directories offer paid listings with additional enhanced features but most will allow you to list your business free of charge. Because these directories are charging some of their customers they have to spend a lot of time getting the websites ranking high on Google.

Google ranks website based on a variety of factors including relevance, content, keywords, and most importantly: links. Basically, the more quality websites that are linking to your website the higher Google will rank you. There are companies out there that will submit your website and business information to directories for a fee (iVape Local is one of them) but this is something that you can do all by yourself and it only takes a few minutes to submit each listing. You could literally spend 20 minutes each day submitting your vape shop to various online business directories and be done with it in a few weeks.

Start this project by submitting or claiming listings in the top online directories:

1. Google Places

2. Yelp

3. Yahoo Local

4. Bing

5. Yellow Pages (AT&T)

These are all free to list your business but most do offer a premium advertising package. For now let’s stay away from the paid advertising and focus on what we can do for free.

It’s also a good idea to list your business in all of the vape shop directories. A lot of the vape shop directories are incomplete and sometimes crudely put together but here are the ones that are good and that rank high on Google:

1. VapeAbout

2. Vapor Search USA

3. Ecig Local

If your store is located in Alabama, Montana, or Colorado iVape Local will add you to our directories free of charge:

Alabama Vape Shops

Colorado Vape Shops

Montana Vape Shops

The idea here is to list all of your business information and most importantly the URL for your website. Once your listing is added to these directories Google will rank your website higher because you have added links from each of these directories and Google recognizes that your website has now become more relevant online.

Once you have added your listing to the main online directories you will want to find other directories to add your business to. Most will offer you a paid option but for now just take the basic free listing. Also, pretty much all directories will require you to create an account with a user name and password. It might be best to use the same login credentials for each directory since you will be submitting your business to so many of them.

It may take a few weeks but if you take the time to submit your business you will most definitely see an increase in web traffic and a higher rank on Google’s search results.

iVape Local would be happy to offer you free advice on anything that has to do with marketing your vape shop online. If you have any questions please email us at: [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.

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Update: Here’s another directory that will add you for free if you link to them…  E-Cig Stores