Vape Shop Directories – Benefits to Getting Listed

With so many different pieces to the local SEO puzzle, where does a vape shop owner start? You should start with a nicely designed website and active social media account. As you grow your local presence and your website begins to rank, there are some other things that will need to be done to increase your local search presence.

It goes without saying that the foundation of your online presence begins at your website. Taking that into consideration, are these things call Local Citations that send very important signals to Google and other search engines. These signals serve to validate the information that is already displayed on your website and can convince search engines to display you higher in the search results.

When building up your local citations you definitely want to focus on reputable websites like Yelp and When you are done making those listings look good you should focus on local e-cigarette store directories. These directories provide a great service to local vape shops and many of them are free to list your business in.

Here is why you should list your business in e-cigarette directories:

  1. Improved site visibility
  2. Good place to get backlinks
  3. Drive web traffic
  4. Send valuable signals to search engines
  5. Potentially send more customers to your retail storefront

We took the time to compile a list of some great local e-cigarette store directories. Use these to get relevant back links and to send important ranking signals to Google and other search engines.


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