Local SEO for Your E-Cigarette Business!

Get Your Vape Shop to the Top of Local Google Searches!

If you have an local e-cigarette business then you know that it’s important to be on Google. Being a local vape shop, it’s important to get your business listed on Google in the local search results. It’s not a hard task if you can follow a few basic steps. For this article we are only going to focus on the basics of getting your e-cigarette business to the front page of the Google local search results.

For any vape shop that has a local address and sells products in a locally targeted area (i.e. a local customer base), then Google’s local search results can play a VERY big role in driving new phone calls and walk in customers to your e-cigarette business.

The relevance of Google local search results is pushed further by the extreme growth in mobile device use. People are looking for local businesses from their mobile devices just as much, and in some cases more, than people searching on Google from their desktop computers.

In most cases, when someone searches Google for a local search phrase from a mobile device, Google recognizes this and displays the local search results (letter A – G) straight to the top.

As you can probably guess, the business representing letter A is going to be dominant vape shop for that search. Meaning, the e-cigarette business in letter A is going to get the most clicks, the most phone calls, and as a result, the most sales. Even better is that Google uses a nice little “click to call” button in the search results along with your Google local listing, making it even faster and easier for customers to reach you.

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  • Create a Google+ Page

    Your business’s Google+ page is key for getting into the local Google search results. You will need to create a separate page for business. Do not use your personal G+ page for your business. Once you get your page set up do the following:

    • Add a link to your website in the “links” section
    • Fill out all information that Google is asking for. Address, opening hours, areas served, etc are crucial info that you will need to have on your page in order to appear in the local search results.
    • Be sure to verify your page! Google will ask you to verify your page by sending out a postcard to your business address. Once you get the postcard you will need to log back in and enter the code. This is VERY important!
  • Make Sure Your Info Matches

    Making sure your e-cigarette business has matching Name, Address, Phone (NAP) info on every place that your store is listed online. For example, if your phone number is listed on your website in this format (555) 555-1212, make sure it is listed that way everywhere else. Do not list your phone number as 555-555-1212 because if you do, your info will not be consistent and Google may not be able to figure out that both sets of info are related to the same business. Same goes with your URL. Whether or not you choose to use WWW is up to you but make sure you keep it consistent either way.

  • Create a Youtube Channel

    Create a Youtube channel and add your business information. This not only get your a good link from a great site, but also sends a ranking signal to Google.

    Find someone on Fiverr who can create a couple of videos for you.  They don’t have to be great videos, just a few slideshows showing photos of your business. If you are really adventurous you can start doing product reviews or delegate this task to one of your employees. Youtube is great for your e-cigarette business!

  • Get Some Reviews

    Get your customers to review your business. The more reviews you have, the better according to Google. You may need to offer some customers and incentive to give their review but most vapers will review your e-cigarette business if you simply ask them. Once you have several reviews you can get these ratings displayed in the local search results making potential customers trust you even more.

  • Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

    If your website is not mobile responsive you will be penalized by Google. With so many people using their mobile device it is key to make sure that your site looks nice on any device. iVape Local can help you with this if you need us.

  • Use Keywords

    Be sure to use relevant terms when creating your Google+ page and business listing. Be careful not to overuse keywords but writing a nice “About” section using phrases related to your e-cigarette business will really help Google to understand what your website is about.

    Google will also let you use HTML to add links to your About section which can allow you to add some contextual links which can help with SEO.

There are many way that you can jazz up your Google Business listing and G+ business page. The items listed above are just some basic tips for new users. You can find a ton of info online about using Google business to maximize you reach in your local market. If your e-cigarette business is not showing up when you type “vape shop near my city” but your competitors are, you are definitely losing out on business and you should take immediate action. Using Google My Business is free and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be showing up.

If you have questions about Google local search or Google My Business please email us: [email protected] and we will be happy to offer some free advice.

seo for vape shops

seo for vape shops