Marketing your E-Cigarette business is serious stuff. Read on to learn some tips and tricks that will help you expand your reach and get more customers…

Attract Customers

The E Cigarette industry is still extremely new. Every day more and more people switch from analogs to vape pens and you are in business to sell these items. Let’s talk about some things that you can do to not only get more sales but to keep customers buying from you again and again.

We can learn a lot from some of the largest retailers around. Most larger niche retailers have a distinctive brand personality that they constantly promote to their customers. From The Container Store’s positivity to IKEA’s pragmatism to Uncommon Goods’ whimsy, the personalities of these brands are distinct and memorable. In the e cigarette business, each vape shop has it’s own unique vibe and feel. Your retail store should convey to the customer exactly what type of brand personality that you chosen.
Some vape stores are modern, some are shabby, and some are classical. Your brand personality should manifest itself in the entire shopping experience. Pick your personality and stick to it. This will make sure customers will remember you and the unique experience that they had while shopping with you.

modern e cigarette store

Once you figure out your brand’s personality you can get your name out through social media. There are many facets to social media marketing and many social networks to join. For starters let’s stick to the big 3; Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.
Everyone is on Facebook. In March of 2013 Facebook had over 1 billion active users. The idea here is to get people to “like” your business’s page so that they can see what you post. The best way to get likes is to offer a small discount at the register if the customer will like your page. Some companies claim that they will get you likes but be aware, 100 likes from users who are interested in e cigs is worth much more than 1000 likes from users who located half way around the world who don’t even know what a vape pen is.
Twitter is great for marketing. Instead of “liking” your page users on Twitter “follow” you and are notified when you share or “tweet” information. The good thing about Twitter is that users generally reciprocate when you follow them. All you have to do here is follow people and they will follow you back. You can only tweet up to 140 letters so keep it short and include a link with your tweet. You should tweet around 2-3 times per day and try to engage people. Use hashtags to link your tweets with other tweets in the same category. For example, use the hashtag #vape in your tweets and a user looking for info about vaping will click the hashtag and see all tweets that have the same hashtag. Easy peasy.
Google Plus or G+ is growing more and more each day. Currently G+ has around 300 million active users. Like Twitter, people follow you however I have noticed that many users do not reciprocate like they do on Twitter. You can use hashtags on G+ just like Twitter. There is no character limit so you can write long posts just like Facebook.
Engaging your customers through social media is one of the best ways to market your business. It allows you to reach pretty much every potential customer, it helps you build a grassroots following, and best of all, it’s free.
Having a rewards program or loyalty program will give existing customers an incentive to return to and buy from again. When creating a rewards program try to follow these guidelines:
1. Make rewards achievable – offer an inexpensive item that can be earned at low point level. This keeps your customers engaged and makes them feel like they get a lot for their money.
2. Make sure you capture customer data – be sure you’re capturing your customer’s email, phone number, birthday, and anything else that’s pertinent.
3. If you use a 3rd party rewards program, make sure that they will not sell your customer’s information to your competitors.
Once you have a lot of customers enrolled in your rewards program you can then market to them via email and text resulting in increased engagement. Just make sure you aren’t coming off as spammy in your marketing efforts. The last thing you want is for customers to unsubscribe from your updates.


Another thing that will help build a buzz about your business is to hold events at your store. You can hold vape meets, cloud contests, Halloween parties, and more.
Be sure to leverage these events by offering customers free e juice or a small discount if they publicize the event on social media. Take plenty of pictures and video during the event so that you can post them later on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.
The whole idea here is to get your customer base talking about your business. Being active on social media, holding events, and being a general resource for customers is paramount to your success. As a business owner, it can be hard to find the time to really set down and figure out a good marketing plan. There are companies that will do this for you but it can cost anywhere from around $150 per hour for a consultant to over $5,000 per month.
iVape Local can help you with your marketing efforts and our cost for social media marketing starts at $149.99 per month and we guarantee customer engagement.
Of course the least expensive way to market your vape shop is to do the work yourself or make marketing part of your employee’s job description. Either way, make sure that you are doing something to keep your business relevant.
We hope you enjoyed reading our marketing tips for your e-cigarette business. If you need some help with marketing feel free to contact us at [email protected] Vape on!