Popie’s Vapor Lounge – iVape Local Screwed Up

Our articles don’t always go viral, but when they do you can be sure that we will screw something up.

When we recently published our article: 4 Reasons Why Your Vape Shop Is Failing we had no idea that it would go viral, overload our servers, or potentially do harm to a great local vape shop. As a web development company who only works with local B&Ms we are always on the side of the little guy who is trying to build a great vape shop. Unfortunately, when searching for stock photos we mistakenly used a featured image of a man blowing out a huge cloud of vapor that happened to be the owner of Popie’s Vapor Lounge in Marlton, NJ.

Popie’s Vapor Lounge is a wonderful vape shop that is doing great things in Southern, NJ. They carry high quality devices as well as many entry level starter setups. Their sales staff is very professional and knowledgeable on everything related to e-cigs and vaping. They create a sense of community within the store while being heavy supporters of the local and national vaping movement.

popies vapor lounge

Popie’s Vapor Lounge has a very inviting atmosphere.

popies vapor lounge

Popie’s carries a huge selection of premium products!

Here is the original image that was used in very poor taste:

popies vapor

iVape Local would like to publicly apologize to Popie’s Vapor Lounge for associating a publicly available image of their store with a post about failing vape shops. The blog post did not mention Popie’s Vapor Lounge as the post was not about them in any, shape, or form however it may have been possible for residents of Marlton, NJ to make the connection between the photo and the shop, so for that we are sincerely sorry.

iVape Local’s goal is to help small, brick and mortar vape shops grow and prosper.

Popie’s Vapor Lounge

Crispin Square 230 North Maple Ave
Marlton, New Jersey




Popie’s Vapor Lounge is doing everything right. From a marketing standpoint they are building their brand correctly and taking over the vape scene in Southern New Jersey. Look for them to be featured in an upcoming Owners Corner article from iVape Local.