Local SEO is a big deal in any industry. As local e-cigarette markets become more and more competitive, making sure that your vape shop ranks near the top of the local search results is going to be one of the most important things that you can do for your business.

Google has made a huge change to their local search results by only displaying the top 3 local businesses next to map marker as opposed to 7 businesses that they used to display. This makes it extremely hard for new vape shops or vape shops who do not have the time to spend hours working on their local SEO.

Even in mildly competitive markets where there are less than 10 e-cigarette stores in the entire city, you will have to fight pretty hard to get displayed in the top 3 search results. 53% percent of clicks go to the top 2 businesses in the local search results. So it is safe to assume that if you aren’t included in the top 3, you are losing a significant amount of business to your local competitors.

sherman texas search resultsSherman, Texas is a prime example of a competitive city. There are a total of 9 vape shops in the town and the population is just under 40,000 people. The vape shops in Sherman also serve residents in Denison, Knollwood, Howe, and Dorchester which helps a little bit but these 9 stores definitely have their work cut out for them when it comes to trying to get more customers.

Our client, Texoma Top Shelf E-Cig and Vape ranks in the top 3 for each of those cities. They just opened their store in May 2015 and they’ve been partnered with iVape Local the whole time. We built their website, setup their social media accounts, and completed a SEO campaign which is the reason TTS E-Cig and Vape is ranking in all of their towns. Their business continues to increase each month with sales increasing by 300% from July to August.



Here’s how we got Texoma Top Shelf E-Cig and Vape to rank high in the local search results:


Step 1. Create Social Media Accounts:

We created Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for this business. We then added a link to their homepage in each one of the profiles. In each social profile we wrote a variation of the following text in the “About” section:

Texoma Top Shelf E-Cig and Vape is a full service e-cigarette store and vape shop located in Sherman, TX. We offer a large variety of vapor products including premium craft e-liquid and high end authentic devices.

We serve the residents of Sherman, TX and the surrounding areas for all of your e-cigarette and vapor related needs!

You don’t want to copy and paste the same description into each of your social profiles but you want to make sure that people know what city you are located in.

Step 2. Verify Business with Google:

If you don’t verify your business with Google there is no way for you to rank on the map based search results, let alone near the top. Google will send out a postcard and you have to enter the code which is written on the postcard. This is mandatory!

Step 3. Create Local Directory Listings:

Create listings in all of the popular local directories. This includes Yelp, YP.com, Trip Advisor, and others. Make sure you write a detailed business description letting customers (and search engines) know what city you are located in and what cities you are near. (Pro tip: Take advantage of e-cigarette store directories, many are free and will give you a local citation and a good back link) Get listed in the iVape Local Directory here.

Step 4. Create Press Releases (and submit them to local media outlets)

Write a press release that tells about your vape shop and send it to local news stations so that they can publish them on their website. This will help build awareness about your business but more importantly, it will give you some good backlinks from authority websites. Authority websites are highly trusted by search engines and having a link from one is a huge plus for SEO.

Step 5. Get Customers to Review Your Business on Google:

The most important place to get reviewed is on Google although having positive reviews on other well known directory sites is important too. After you have a lot of reviews, Google will begin to display those reviews to users searching for your business. This isn’t a super big deal from an SEO standpoint but it does help.

Step 6. On Page Optimization:

In the footer area of your website include your business address, phone number, hours of operation, etc. It’s also a good idea to write a little blurb that says something like:

We are the premier local e-cigarette store for (your town). We also serve vapers from (surrounding towns)…

This sends a clear ranking signal to search engines that you are a local vape shop serving your city and the surrounding areas.

Well, there you have it. If you follow the above steps and your business will have a very good chance to rank highly in the local search results. Make sure to use keywords such as the name of your city when writing descriptions about your business on directory websites.

If you need help with your local SEO you can contact iVape Local and we will be happy to complete these tasks for you. our current SEO pricing can be viewed here.

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