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We put together all of the best resources that we could find related to ecigarettes and vaping. Although we have great tutorials and guides here iVape Local, we know that sometimes people benefit from hearing things from more than one perspective.

Switching is so close as good as quitting that from a health point of view there is no point in worrying about the difference – Dr. C. Phillips

Determining that a tobacco-free nicotine-delivering product is safer than a product that delivers nicotine with thousands of tobacco smoke constituents is a fact of basic science, and anyone who challenges such a notion would probably benefit from a remedial course in basic sciences.”
– Prof M Siegel

“All who call for ecigs to be removed from the market have a financial COI.”
– Prof M Siegel


When we first start the adventure of quitting cigarettes we often have many questions that we seek answers for. iVape Local is a great place to start looking for info however we simply do not have all the answers. 

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Because everyone is different it is important to look at many opinions about a topic in order to learn which direction you would like to go. You shouldn’t just take one person’s word on something just because they are a self proclaimed ‘guru‘ or they claim to be an expert. 

With ecigarettes and vaping there is definitely a lot of information to absorb and we want to make sure that you have the resources available to make the right decisions for you

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