iVape Local can help you grow your e cigarette business by offering a unique strategy that drives customers to your e-commerce site and your local retail store.

After seeing how online mega-retailers have affected other industries we are worried that the e cigarette industry is in danger of becoming monopolized by retailers such as Amazon, Fast-Tech, and other online-only companies.
Big Tobacco is already attempting to use their influence to make e cigarettes a highly regulated commodity. Luckily we have advocacy groups like CASAA lobbying to prevent this from happening. In the meantime we need to do everything that we can to keep our industry in the hands of local retailers and small businesses. Once the big guys enter the industry they will quickly allocate advertising dollars and slick marketing campaigns to steal market share away from the brick and mortar vape shops. It has happened in other industries and will happen here.

Anatomy of a Monopoly

How an industry can be affected by online-only retailers


Back in the 1990s the retail flower industry was comprised of local, brick and mortar retailers. There were over 30,000 of these small flower shops in USA. as the internet became more commonplace some savvy retailers leveraged the power of the world wide web to sell their flowers. Here’s what happened…

  • Online-only retailers decided that they could generate orders for flowers using the internet
  • They set up a network of e commerce sites for the purpose of taking orders
  • The orders placed are the distributed to the brick and mortar florists for .73 cents on the dollar
  • Because most people make purchases online, there are about 3-4 companies that dominate the retail floral industry today.
  • In 1996 there were over 35,000 brick and mortar retail florists. Today there is around 15,000.
  • The local florists chose to let this happen because they were not united as a group and didn’t have the forethought to see that this could happen.

Why is this Relevant to Us

Right now we have some pretty big players who have the money and resources to dominate the e cigarette industry. When you Google the term “buy e cigarettes” the results for the first 4-5 pages are all online retailers who do not have a brick and mortar shop. These companies are capturing sales by setting up a website and doing some SEO. They have limited overhead costs and do not depend on the local community to stay afloat. All of their time can be devoted to SEO and building their online presence. Local vape shop owners have to help customers, handle inventory, organize the ejuices, sweep the floor, and then if there’s time, worry about marketing.

iVape Local is Here to Help!

iVape Local can help your vape shop stay competitive online. We don’t just do SEO. We create a vast online presence for your business that we can focus regionally or even nationally. It goes beyond just making a website and adding some keywords. You need to have all facets of online marketing covered in order to compete on the level with the big retailers.

Question: What if you appeared in the search results every time someone in your city searched for anything related to e cigarettes? How much more revenue would you generate each month and more importantly, how many of those customers would continue to buy from you?

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