Marketing Tips for Your E-Cigarette Store

Marketing your vape shop can be a pretty tough task. There are many variables involved and in you may have a pretty slim budget but don’t let this daunting task overwhelm you. If you follow some basic principles you can get your shop’s name out there fairly quickly.
For starters, you will need a good website. If you plan to sell your products online then your site will have to be designed for e-commerce which includes adding a payment gateway so can collect when a purchase is made. If you don’t plan to sell your goods online then all you need is a basic website that tells about your business and lists some of the items available for purchase in your store. Don’t skimp on your website! A lot of companies will offer you a free site that you can design yourself as a way to get you to buy a domain name from them. These sites, while cheap or free, are terrible and make your business seem like it’s behind on the times. Remember, everybody uses the internet to find the things that they need and if your website looks like it’s from the year 2000 chances are you will get passed up by customers.

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Next, you’re going to need social media accounts. Initially, you should focus on Twitter and Facebook since they are the most common. As time goes on you should get involved with Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and others. There is now a social media site for e-cig users called The Vapedom. It’s growing more and more each day and you should definitely join since it’s industry related.
With Twitter all you have to do is set up your account and start following people. Once you follow someone they generally follow you back and you will build an audience. Tweet 2-3 times a day and be sure you are tweeting relevant content. Take pictures of new inventory, coil builds, etc and share it with the world!
With Facebook the idea is to get users to “Like” your page. The more likes you have the more people see your message when you post. Offer customers a small discount or some other type of incentive if they will like your page. I advise you to post no more then 2 times daily on Facebook because if you post too much people will get tired of seeing your stuff and unlike you.

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Once you have a firm grasp on Twitter and Facebook you should branch out and create accounts with all of the social networks (except maybe MySpace) and try to build a following on each one. You may need to delegate some of the social media marketing to a trusted employee because posting unique content on every site 2 times daily can be somewhat time consuming. Just remember to stay active on social media so customers can see that you’re engaged in your business.
Having ads in local publications can help but don’t spend too much of your ad budget in print media. Nowadays everyone is online and spending big $$ on printed advertisements isn’t going to get you very far.
The only exception to this would be if a local publication will write an article about your vape shop or do some type of special feature about you. Then it would be justified to spend the money since most of the readers will be reading the featured article about you. Otherwise, keep your marketing efforts in the online space to get the most bang for your buck.

Another tactic to consider is email marketing. When customers come in to your store and make a purchase you can offer to email them the receipt. This allows you to capture the customer’s email address so that you can include them in promotional email blasts.
You don’t want to go crazy with promotional emails and risk being flagged as spam so the best thing to do is send out around 2-3 emails per month. Include coupons and discounts in the email so that it gives customers a reason to come back into the store. This can also be used to unload overstocked products and help to move some of the slower selling items.
Another great way to capture email addresses would be to implement a rewards program. Almost all businesses today have some type of customer loyalty program designed to keep loyal customers coming back and also to reward them for their patronage. Airlines have mastered the art of customer loyalty programs with their frequent flyer rewards. Most frequent travelers, myself included, stick to one airline in hopes of accumulating enough rewards for free flight. If you make a rewards program that allows customers to start earning freebies rather quickly you can be sure that those customers will stay loyal to you since you have shown them that it is beneficial to buy from you.
We hope you enjoyed reading our marketing tips. There is much more to marketing than what is written here but this should give you a basic guideline of where to start and help you get going in the right direction. Keep in mind that iVape Local can help you with just about anything related to your vape shop. If you have any questions shoot us an email and we would be happy to give you some advice on whatever it is you’re having trouble with. Buy Local, Be Happy!
iVape Local has some great packages that can take the guesswork out of marketing your business. Often we find that our prices are significantly less than other companies for the quality of the final result. For example, we aren’t going to be less expensive that your cousin Joe (or some other family member)  who makes websites as a hobby but we can guarantee that the finished product will be a professionally designed website and will rank in Google’s search results.

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