I recently stopped by VAPExMASTERS located in Jacksonville, FL. Here’s my review of the store:

It was a rainy day in Jacksonville Florida. I’m in town on business and unfortunately I had to go into the office on a Saturday morning since it’s the last day of the month and things needed to be wrapped up. Last time I was in town I visited another local vape shop called Hook’d on Vape. While I liked Hook’d on Vape I wanted to branch out and try to find a vapor store that carried premium e-juice and wider selection of rebuilding supplies.
Before I left the office I called the store and briefly asked if they sold RDAs and rebuilding supplies. The man who I spoke with quickly advised that, yes they do carry those items and they specifically cater to that crowd. This was good news for me.
vape x masters e-cig store


VAPExMASTERS is located about 6 miles from my office and the drive was terrible. It seemed like everyone was driving slow due to the rain and the traffic lights were too tired to turn green in a timely manner. VAPExMASTERS is located just down the street from Rex, a 20ft tall dinosaur who once stood guard over Goony Golf and Games. When Goony Golf and Games was closed for good developers were going to bulldoze the giant dinosaur but several Jacksonville local stepped in and saved him. Rex now stands watch over several retail shops including a liquor store and an internet cafe.
e-cig dinsaur

Rex, the Beach Blvd Dinosaur

When I opened the door to enter VAPExMASTERS I was greeted by thick clouds of vapor which were being produced by several customers sitting at the vape bar. The clouds smelled sweet and at this point I knew I had come to the right place.
The place was pretty busy from what I could see. There was a giant flat panel TV mounted over the vapor bar (I can’t remember what was playing but it may have been a coil building tutorial from Youtube). There wear couches made from repurposed pallets which I thought added a nice touch of design.
I was immediately greeted by a nice guy (forgot his name) who asked if he could help me find anything. I replied that I wanted to see their RDAs and he led me over to a glass display case which held their RDAs, Box Mods, Mechanical ┬áMods, Wire, and some other items. I looked at several RDAs but I didn’t see anything that really caught my eye so I moved on to the wire.
Lately I’ve become interested in the different types of wire used for making coils. I’ve tried Kanthal, G-Plat, and OOOOO – WEEEEE (sold by Boulder Vapor House in Boulder, CO). I hadn’t tried Ni-Chrome and after watching a Youtube vid about it I was hoping to find some here. VAPExMASTERS has a house brand of wire called LiveWire. According to the guy behind the counter it is a Ni-Chrome based blend of several metals. It sells for $9.00 for 7ft which a comparable to G-Plat. I bought some and I must say that I am very impressed with the flavor produced by this wire. I will definitely buy more.
VAPExMASTERS really stands out when it comes to their juice selection. They don’t carry tons of lines but the lines they do carry are premium. Their house juice, King’s Cross tastes phenomenal. All in all they carry 5-10 lines of juice and they seem to be marketing the NJoy Artists Collection the most. I picked up a bottle of Samba Sun which proved to be a good pick. The prices were in line with other premium juice retailers ($20-$25 for 30ml and $10-$13 for 15ml).
The guy who helped me throughout my shopping experience was extremely helpful. If he didn’t know the answer to a question he would immediately ask someone who did. His e juice recommendations were spot on and he really had a good working knowledge of all the flavor profiles the shop carries.

njoy artist collection ejuice

VAPExMASTERS had a decent selection of mods. I didn’t ask if they were clones or not but if they were I couldn’t tell. The packaging on their mods looked premium and the display was setup to be appealing to the eye. You can tell the owners put some thought into the layout of their displays and the setup of their store.
Overall this shop is great. I give it 8 out of 10 since their selection of products was a little lacking but overall I was very impressed. From a marketing standpoint this shop does it right. They have an active Facebook page and Twitter account and it seems like they spend time engaging with their followers on a daily basis. Their website appears to be under construction but hopefully they will bring it to life soon.
I would highly recommend VAPExMASTERS to anyone in Jacksonville, FL who wants to visit a boutique vapor shop. Look below for VAPExMASTERS address and contact info. Buy Local, Be Happy.
11925 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246
(904) 312-3444