The SMK Flagship mechanical mod was the first authentic mod that I purchased. The device has a smooth profile and top notch design. You can feel the quality of the materials and craftsmanship when holding the device.

The Flagship does not have a lock ring to prevent the device from firing in your pocket however the button takes several pound of pressure to engage so it is nearly impossible to set it off by accident. When I say several pounds of pressure that is just an estimate. It is by no means difficult to use and I believe that the firm spring adds to the overall feel of quality within the Flagship.


Each SMK Flagship is handmade and hand assembled in Indianapolis, Indiana. The design is amazing and the Flagship is has very solid feel to it.

I paid around $115.00  for my stainless steel model from Elite Vapors in Thornton, Colorado. The Flagship also can be purchased in copper if you prefer that style. Personally I like stainless steel as it is very easy to keep clean and not easily tarnished.

Before that Flagship I had never used an authentic mod and I was vaping on a Panzer clone with a Tobh Atty v2 clone for my atomizer. I upgraded to the Flagship and purchased a Mutation X V2 at the same time.

I was absolutely blown away by the increase in vapor production and overall performance. My Panzer clone would get really hot on the button when I used 22 gauge Kanthal in my builds. This ultimately led to injury because the bottom of the Panzer clone would get very, very hot and one day I received a  very painful burn to my finger. I decided enough is enough and sought out an authentic mod for a reasonable price.

The SMK Flagship never gets hot near the button on when I do my sub-ohm builds. I’ve built as low as .14 on this device and have never had any issues.

A Coil Build in a Mutation X v2

mutation x build

Here are the specifications from the SMK Mods website:

18650 Tube.

Copper firing pins.

Adjustable delrin in button housing to eliminate battery rattle.

Ball bearings in switch housing to improve conductivity.

Stiff spring button with no lock mechanism.

Serialized by each finish.

Overall I think this one of the best, if not the best mechanical mod for around $100.

I know that most people don’t want to spend $200+ for a mod and this results in people using clones that are not only poorly made but in some cases even dangerous. My Panzer clone was just that – dangerous. It kept getting hot and I think that had I continued to use it I may have suffered a more severe injury than just burning my finger.

The Flagship is a true example of American craftsmanship at it’s finest while at the same time at an affordable price. If you’re looking at buying a clone from your local vape shop please do yourself a favor and spend the extra thirty bucks or so and get yourself the SMK Flagship. You will not be disappointed!

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