I generally try to stay away from clones due to their sub-par construction and low quality materials but I was browsing ebay one day came across this Cartel Mods Stillare v3 clone by Cigreen. I went to the Cartel Mods website to check out the authentic and didn’t really see a noticeable difference between the Cigreen clone and the authentic. I’m sure the authentic Stillare by Cartel Mods is constructed using only the best materials and is superior to the clone n every way but I’m just saying that I couldn’t notice a visible difference while looking online.

I ordered the clone and it arrived two days later. It came in a flip type box with a mini screwdriver, extra screws, and extra o-rings. The device is somewhat heavy and appears to be built well for a clone. Initially the center post appears solid and doesn’t seem like it would strip easily.

There are three negative screws on the outside of the deck that allow for 3 coils to be mounted easily. There are grooves next to the screws that allow the leads sit nice and snug.

The first build that I mounted was using 26 gauge Kanthal wrapped around 2mm mini screwdriver. I did a 4/3 wrap. The vapor production and flavor were both solid but not out of the ordinary. I then tried the same build using 24 gauge kanthal and noticed a better flavor with about the same vapor production. This clone can only accommodate up to 24 gauge when doing a tri-coil build due to the size of the holes in the positive post. You can sort of fit 22 gauge in the positive post if you want to do a dual coil build but it is very difficult and the build ends up looking messy.

This is a photo of the authentic Stillare v3 by Cartel Mods. The clone is nearly the same but not as nicely built.

The Stillare v3 clone by Cigreen is good RDA overall. I like that you have the ability to get creative with your builds but you are somewhat limited since you can’t go larger than 24 gauge kanthal. The device is solid and definitely well worth the $20 or so that I spent on it. I always recommend buying authentic and American made but we can’t always spend $100 on an atomizer. If you are going to buy a clone this would be a good one to buy.

Props to Cartel Mods for their design on this. I’m sure they put a ton of R&D into the Stillare to make it one of the most recognized RDAs on the market. I use this clone as a backup atomizer or if I want to experiment with some different builds. The clone is built 1:1, feels solid, and vapes really well. If you aren’t able to buy the authentic from Cartel Mods you should definitely pick up this clone.