Times are tough for the vapers and e-cig users in Sweden. The government agency known as MPA has banned the sale of nicotine containing e-cig cartridges and

The Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) has been trying to get such a ruling for a while now. In October last year they implemented a sales ban on one of the biggest Swedish retailers, a decision that was appealed to the Administrative court. Now the court has rejected this appeal. The court considers e-cigarettes with nicotine to be pharmaceutical products, something that gives the MPA authority to regulate sales.

However, in spite of this new ruling Swedes are still able to purchase nicotine containing products online from websites that are not based in Sweden. EQ Cigs Sweden is a leading e-cigarett retailer selling into the Swedish market. They offer a premium selection of products that people in Sweden are purchasing at an increasing rate.

EQ Cigs Sweden feels that the MPA Regulations are not fair to the people of Sweden or the Swedish economy. They explained, “It’s never a good idea for a country to force business owners to move their businesses out of the country. It causes people to lose their jobs and stifles an industry that is growing at an alarming rate.”

It will be interesting to see how things progress in Sweden in the coming years. We can only wait to see if the government will come to their senses and loosen the regulations or if they will continue to stifle the economy and prevent companies from doing business in Sweden.

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