Can you travel with e cigarettes, mechanical mods, RDAs, etc?

I’m a very frequent traveler. My day job involves air travel to numerous cities each month and I spend quite a bit of time in airports. In fact, as I write this I am sitting in Nashville, TN on a 3 hour layover. I missed my flight out of Jacksonville, FL this morning but luckily I was able to fly standby to Nashville and then to Denver, CO where I live. Since I have the time I figured I would let you in on my experiences regarding travel with e cigarettes.
The first time I traveled with my vaping gear was a little nerve wracking. When you really think about it, your mod, RDAs, Kanthal, and juice bottles could easily resemble a terrorists tool kit. It only takes one overzealous TSA agent to make your life a living hell so the idea is to pass through any security checkpoints without appearing like a person of interest.
My first time traveling with e cigarettes I made sure to place all of my rebuilding supplies in a clear crayon box so that everything could be seen. I even put a little note inside the box stating that it’s contents were e cigarette materials and not really anything worth making a fuss about. In my carry on I kept it really simple and only brought one bottle of juice (not my favorite juice though as I was worried that it may be confiscated) and my mod with the RDA attached.
traveling with vape supplies

Air Travel with E Cigs

I made it through security without so much as a second look which was actually surprising to me. I thought to myself, “I am carrying a device that very much resembles a pipe bomb and TSA didn’t bat an eye.” Part of me was thankful that I didn’t get hassled but another part of me was concerned that TSA had stopped doing their job.
I have in my head an impression of your stereotypical TSA agent. Overweight, college dropout, picked on a lot as kid, etc. Many TSA agents do fit this description however lately most of my encounters with TSA have been pleasant and overall positive.
Anyway, when I arrived at my destination I found that the bag that I checked appeared unmolested. I was surprised at this because I figured the Kanthal, RDAs, pliers, and wire cutters would have set off an alert and caused my bag to be scrutinized by the powers that be. As I opened my bag I found everything to intact and in the same place where I had put it.
I was shocked that all of this stuff could pass through so easily! As I contemplated a career in drug smuggling a thought came to mind. What if TSA knew about vaping and e cigarettes and recognized that what I was carrying was harmless? That can’t be, there’s no way these gung ho clowns know what that stuff is… But what if they did?

Travel with E Cigarettes – Airport Security

Since my first time traveling with my vaping gear I have done so many times over and I have never had a problem. The good folks at TSA have come to know about vaping and some of these agents are even vapers themselves. To this day I have never been hassled about my e cigarette items and not one TSA agent has even asked me any questions. If you plan on traveling with e cigarettes make sure you follow the guidelines below:
  • Only bring your device and juice in your carry on.
  • Put your spare RDAs, wire, pliers, etc in a clear case that will reside in your checked bag.
  • Make sure you do not have a large bottle of juice that is over 3 ounces.
  • Do not bring straight nicotine. (not sure if this is against the rules but it’s probably a good rule of thumb)
  • Abide by all TSA rule and regulations.
  • Use clear containers for easy inspection.
  • Don’t be an idiot.
All in all, traveling with e cigarettes isn’t complicated at all. Just follow the rules and use basic common sense and you will be just fine. Enjoy your trip and don’t let worrying about how to get your gear to your destination ruin the fun and excitement of travel.