New Vape Shop in Buckfastleigh

Adrian Fitzpatrick never thought he would one day own a wildly successful e-cigarette and e-liquid business in Buckfastleigh. However, his company B-Juice is taking the vape scene by storm! The store specializes in high quality, premium e-juices as well as higher end, authentic mods, tanks, and RDAs. B-Juice has been labeled a, “clone free zone” and part of their core mission is to support the manufacturers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating the devices that we vape on every day.

B-Juice stocks a wide range of vape hardware, as well as their premium e-juice line, rightfully named, B-Juice. Additionally the store boasts a selection of ultra premium UK e-liquids. One thing that makes B-Juice different is that they offer all of the ingredients, equipment and advice you’ll need to start crafting your very own e-juice flavors at home.

B-Juice also offers a repair service (usually free) and can help you troubleshoot if your device is giving you problems. If you’re new to coil building, Adrian and his staff can walk you through the correct way to build so that you stay safe and keep all of your fingers.

You really don’t see many local vape shops who carry all of the e-liquid manufacturing supplies right there in the store. B-Juice has done an excellent job of setting themselves apart from the other shop in the area by offering a unique and inviting atmosphere that makes customers feel relaxed and at ease. The staff at B-Juice really knows their stuff and they care more about giving you the right device as opposed to the most expensive.

If you find yourself in Buckfastleigh, UK and need some vape gear or e-juice, stop in to B-Juice and say hello. You’ll be glad you did!

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B-Juice, Made in Buckfastleigh

23 Fore Street
South Devon, UK

Phone: +44 1364388070

Twitter: @buckyjuice

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