Brighton Colorado is a small town just north of Denver. The town boasts a Wal Mart, Ace Hardware, AMC movie theater, and two vape shops. Just over 35,000 people reside in Brighton but the vapor stores will draw e-cigarette users from Commerce City, Henderson, Fort Lupton, Lochbouie, and maybe even Thornton. It’s a smaller market and the two local vapor will have to work hard to win customers.

After spending time in both stores I decided to do an article about how vape shops in smaller markets can hold their own against the competition.

Here is a little info about the Brighton, CO vape shops:

AlphaStar Vapes

Alphastar Vapes is located on Main St. in downtown Brighton. The store is nested in a building that requires customers to enter through a set doors into a hallway which leads to several businesses. To be honest, I had a difficult time finding this store. They had a sign but it didn’t have any arrows pointing me in the right direction.

The store is very small. They have two large display cases filled with various vape gear. They had several authentic devices along with some cheaper clones. This store caters more to the eGo user then the rebuildable crowd although they did have a solid selection of RDAs, mods, and other items for the more advanced user.

The prices here are a little higher than what I would expect to pay from a B&M. For example their 15ml premium e-liquid costs $15 for brands like Cuttwood which costs $11-$13 at other local B&Ms.

vape shop brighton, co

Steam Punk Aromatic Elixirs

Steam Punk Aromatic Elixirs is located on Main St in downtown Brighton, CO. The store is located inside of the Game Trader store. The owner of Game Trader had some extra space on his hands which he decided to capitalize on by opening a vape shop. This place was easy to find once I realized the vape shop was located inside the Game Trader building.

The whole store is pretty large. In fact, the vapor section of the store is larger than the entire Alphastar Vapes store. Steam Punk stock a nice variety of everything including over 25 lines of premium e-liquid. They cater to more of the sub ohm crowd but they do have items available for beginners or people just entering the vape world. They did not carry any high end authentic RDAs but they did have some of the less expensive authentic items like the CLT and Mutation X. The do however, stock authentic sub ohm tanks, mech mods, and vv/vw devices. Overall they have a nice selection of everything.

Prices here are normal for a local B&M. Their RDAs range from $30 – $50 while the sub ohm tanks are on par with online prices which is really solid. The juice selection is great and the prices on the juice are also in line with online prices.

vape shop brighton colorado

Two shops, one small market. Who is winning the battle of the vape shops in Brighton, CO?

In a small market such as Brighton, these two stores are battling for market share and their survival depends on a) one shop getting more customers than the other or b) drawing traffic from outside the Brighton area.

It is in markets like this where marketing can make the difference in feast or famine. Let’s look at what these shops are doing right… and wrong.

AlphaStar Vapes is doing some decent online marketing. In fact, I found this store by doing a Google search for “vape shop near Brighton, CO”. Their website is pretty simple and you can tell it was designed by either the owner or an amateur web designer. In spite of it’s poor design the website is rank #1 for the search term specified above so somebody did something right when it came to the local SEO part of the site.

Steam Punk aka Game Trader does not have website dedicated to the vape shop portion of their business. I found Steam Punk by going to the second page of Google and seeing a local newspaper article about how they started selling e-cigarettes. If Steam Punk would have had a website I would have visited their shop twice already and would have spent over $200. I say this because Alphastar had a review stating that their prices were high which would have steered me away from shopping there had I known of another e-cigarette store in Brighton the first time I searched.

The moral of the story here is: If you have competitors you need a website!

All things being equal, Steam Punk is the better store. They have better prices and a larger selection. The staff is knowledgable and quick to engage with customers who come into the shop. Alphastar, on the other hand, had many people in the store the day I visited and one person behind the counter. The person behind the counter didn’t have much knowledge of the items I asked about and was clearly a little out of her element. Like I said, Alphastar appears to be geared towards the beginning vaper and not the experienced user (disclaimer: Alphastar does sell some RDAs and rebuilding supplies).

Because Alphastar is more focused on their marketing they are able to capture more customers and charge higher prices while Steam Punk, the better store overall, is not capturing as much business and is relying solely on social media to drive customers into the store.

The bottom line to this article is: If you leverage social media, a website, SEO, and local guerilla marketing you can capture the lions share of the business in your local market. You might be the best store in the area but if nobody knows about you they won’t be buying from you.

Alphastar Vapes

45 North Main St. #2
Brighton, Colorado 80601
[email protected]

Phone: 303-434-5676

Web: Alphastar Vapes

Steam Punk Aromatice Elixirs

2 South Main St.
Brighton, Colorado 80601

Phone: 303-637-7503

Facebook: Steam Punk Aromatic Elixirs