How to Protect Your Vape Shop Against Burglars


If you’ve read the news lately you surely have noticed that vape shops and e-cigarette retailers have become the target of burglars.

Burglars aren’t known to be the smartest folks around and their stupidity shows by selecting vape shops as their new target demographic. Vape shops are bad burglary targets mainly because they don’t keep loads of cash on hand, the products are not priceless antiques that fetch tons of money on the black market, and they are just mom and pop stores trying to make a living while helping people.

Here are a few things that you can do to protect your e-cigarette business from burglars:

1. Use a Special Glass for Your Display Window

Use impact resistant glass for your windows. This special glass is very difficult to break and some manufacturers will guarantee that their glass will not shatter. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative you can install removable window screens made of metal. These screens come off during business hours and stay on all night to protect your business. At the very least you can install window film that will shatter proof your windows. This special film costs around $200 and while it is possible to break through, it may cost the burglars valuable time and cause them to flee instead of pursuing their burglary.

2. Use Good Lock

Not only will having a good lock force a would be burglar to spend precious time breaking through it, many insurance companies require evidence of forced entry in order to pay the claim. If you are unlucky enough to be burglarized you want to be sure that your insurance company will cover the damages. Be sure that you are using deadbolts that are long enough to where they cannot be pried open using a crow bar.

Many security experts recommend having a locksmith check your doors to determine the effectiveness of your locking mechanisms.

3. Use Motion Sensitive Lights

Using super bright lights attached to a motion sensor will do wonders to scare away burglars. If you are really creative you could use flashing lights that activate when motion is detected. If it’s night time and all of a sudden bright lights start flashing people will take notice. The idea here is to scare the burglar into leaving without stealing too much.

4. Have an Alarm System

Install an alarm system that automatically notifies the police of a break in. Also, if possible, choose an alarm that blast a loud siren like noise to call attention to the burglary. You can find an alarm system at great prices these days so there’s really no excuse not to have one.

5. Have CCTV Video Cameras

If the burglars have penetrated your vape fortress at least have a way to catch them. If you’re going to use CCTV cameras be sure that they are uploading to the cloud and not a VCR in the back room. Having cameras in your store with audio recording will go a long to not only help catch a burglar but allow you to monitor your staff from afar. If the knows that they are being recorded they will likely work harder and stay on task better.

Being a vape store is generally not a very risky business. Your main concern will be moochers who come into your shop just to sample your free e-liquid. If you do end up getting burglarized make sure you follow the necessary steps required by your insurance company so that you can be reimbursed for your losses. Also, many business owners choose insurance as an area to skimp and save money. This is a bad idea. Even though your insurance company might seem like they are extorting you on a monthly basis, don’t skimp on coverage. Follow basic security best practices and you should be just fine.

Special thanks to Reddit user /u/jimwc1689 for the idea for this article.