Do I need a vape shop point of sale or will any regular point of sale system do?

There are many varieties of point of sale (POS) systems on the market. It seems like every web host / technology company has some type of POS offering. When determining which POS system you want to purchase you should ask yourself several questions:

  1. What do I want to accomplish by having a POS?
  2. Will having a POS save me time and therefore save me money?
  3. Do I want to purchase a system outright or use a SaaS (software as a service) system.

By answering these questions you should be able to narrow things down and find the right POS system for your needs and goals.

point of sale

What are you hoping to accomplish by purchasing a POS system? Most vape shops buy a POS to save themselves time and labor costs while simultaneously being able to keep track of their inventory. Many systems will offer the business owner the ability to simply scan items to be added to the inventory and subtract those items from available inventory once the item is sold. This can be a huge time saver since you will no longer spend hours with clip board manually taking an inventory of your stock.

No only will save time on keeping track on your inventory, you will also save time at checkout because a POS will calculate the price and add appropriate sales tax. The customer will then swipe their credit card or give you cash and the POS will tell you how much change, if any, is due back to the customer. On busy days this will be a god send.

Another huge benefit to having a POS is the time you will save on your accounting. Most systems have robust reporting features that make doing your book keeping a breeze. You can also use the data from these reports to track the success of certain marketing campaigns and measure the success of your promotional offerings.

Based on the information above we feel that if you can afford a robust point of sale system then you should certainly go out and get one. Which one should you get though? With so many companies out there offering a point of sale solution how do you know which system will work for you?

Nearly every company that is trying to sell a POS system will have the ability for you to sample the software before you take the leap. In fact, if the company you are looking at will not allow you to try the software then stay away from it. It’s a sizable investment and you should be able to try before you buy.

Always remember that choosing a POS is a big decision. Many companies make it easy for you to get the system but make it difficult to leave them. Here are some question you should ask the sales person:

  1. Is there a contract?
  2. If I purchase equipment from you what are the financing terms?
  3. Do you use my customer data for any purpose benign or otherwise? (in some cases POS providers will have access to your customer information and some have used this data for their own marketing purposes)
  4. Will your system work with any credit card processor? (some POS companies will want you to use their credit card processing along with their system however their rates may not be as good as your current credit card provider)
  5. What happens to may customer information if we decide we want change POS providers? (this is very important – many POS companies will make it difficult for you to keep your customer information if you cancel their service)

iVape Local does not promote any certain POS system and we are here to help you make the best, most informed decision possible. We looked around for a pricing table and found this one below. Many POS companies will not give you their price outright and you will need to schedule a meeting or phone call with a sales person to find out the cost. They do this to weed out price shoppers and to qualify prospective buyers.

We found this comparison table at They did a really good job of putting all the information together and they happened to recommend Shopify as the best POS for small businesses. It doesn’t appear like they get paid to recommend Shopify but please do your own research before choosing a system for your E-Cigarette store. Here’s a link to the full comparison chart: Best POS Software Reviews & Recommendations.

  ShopKeep Intuit
Point Of Sale
AccuPOS Imonggo
Cost per
Receipt Printer,
Barcode Scanner,
Card Reader, Cash
$1100 – $1700
depending on
type of Store
$1200 – $2500,
depending on
depending on
$1200 – $2500
depending on
Software Cost None Basic –
Pro –
Multi-Store –
$795 Per
Location + $550
per additional
station + $500
for AccuLink
Adaptor + $2128
for AccuCount
Service Cost $49/Month Per
None Around
$100/Month and
Basic – Free

Free Trial 14 Day 30 Day 30 Day 30 Day
O.S. Mac Based –
IOS 7 Ipad and up
PC Based PC Based PC or Mac
Installation Web Based Locally Installed Locally Installed Web Based
Ease of Use Easy Medium Medium Easy
Free24/7 Phone,
email, live chat
$79/month24/7 Phone,
Bank, Practice
$179 annual feePhone, Email,
sessions, and
24/7 emergency
Basic –
Knowledge base,

Premium –
Same as Basic
plus Email and
24/7 emergency

We hope you found this article helpful. When it comes to buying a point of sale there are so many variables to take into consideration. iVape Local believes that the most important thing question you should be asking is: If I cancel your POS service what happens to my customer information? The last thing you want is for your customers to start getting spammed because your canceled your POS service and the provider was shady.

If you have any questions or if you want some advice on dealing with point of sale companies feel free to email us and we would be happy to help. Email us at: [email protected]

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