DnD Vapor is Doing Things Right!

After seeing many small mom and pop vape shops go under over the past several years, it’s very refreshing to see small e-liquid company growing and being successful. DnD Vapor has been able to bootstrap their way into people hearts… and lungs. Doug and Dustin (hence the name DnD Vapor) started their e-juice with one goal: to provide high quality e-liquids at affordable prices.

The sad reality is that nearly every small e-juice company starts out with that same exact goal. The main problems that most fledgling juice companies face is that they can’t get their name out or their e-juices don’t taste very good. DnD Vapor has done an excellent job of conquering both of those problems. Their juice tastes fantastic and they are leveraging every available to build up their brand recognition.

When speaking with Doug about his business he shared with me that have several new flavors in the works due to be released in the next several months. He said that the secret to making good e-liquid is not to rush the production. “When we are creating a new flavor we spend months perfecting the blend for our own tastes before we move on to taste testing with our vendors. We generally send out samples to the shops who carry our line and ask them to vape the samples with their employees and loyal customers. Then, we gather the feedback and determine if any changes need to be made.” This process seems to work for DnD Vapor as they have been getting some awesome feedback on their website and Facebook page.

dnd bottles

DnD Vapor e-liquid ready for shipment!











Overall, Dnd Vapors is poised to grow into a household name like Cosmic Fog or Space Jam, without the high price tag of course. If you want to show DnD Vapor some love you can go like their Facebook Page or you want some excellent e-liquid at an amazing price you can head over to http://dndvapor.com and pick up a bottle to try for yourself.

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