iVape Local recently traveled to the wonderful city of Las Vegas. Besides gambling and people watching we spent some time checking out a few of the local vape shops. Some were good and some were not but one of the shops stuck out in particular as our experience in this store was beyond amazing.

 Events Leading Up to My Vapor Kings Experience

After waking up on Saturday morning, tired and hungover from the previous night’s adventures, I left my hotel room to embark on a great journey. I was going to play poker! After asking some locals about different poker rooms on the Las Vegas Strip, I settled on Bally’s Hotel and Casino as my destination. I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel which is not exactly on the strip but one of the friendly Las Vegans told me Bally’s was just a quick walk up the street. I grabbed my mod and was off!

As it turns out, Bally’s was quite far, especially in the 90 degree Nevada sun. Newly sunburned and sticky with sweat, I finally made it to the strip. As I passed a kiosk selling cheap Chinese eliquids and knock off eGo pens, I remembered seeing advertisements for a vape shop somewhere on the strip. As I approached the Bazaar at Bally’s I noticed a NJOY corporate store and walked inside. This store didn’t really sell anything worth buying and since I’m not a fan of NJOY eliquid I left the store empty handed.

Craving an ice cold glass of water, I turned a corner and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a sign that said, “Vapor Kings.” It was like an oasis in the desert and for second I thought it might be a mirage. Instead of pushing forward to get my much needed water I decided to walk into the Vapor Kings instead.

My Vapor Kings Experience

Walking into Vapor Kings I felt a blast of cool air and I instantly felt refreshed. Their were two employees in the small showroom. Both were busy separating some products and doing general work. They both excitedly greeted me as walked in. When I commented on the midday heat they offered a cup of cold water from their water machine.

I spent some time browsing their products and found a great selection of devices. They stock many authentic RDAs, mech mods, VV/VW items, and many lines of premium eliquid. When I asked one of the employees what eliquide they recommend based on the flavor profiles I like, the guy immediately knew what to recommend and matched me up with some great new flavors. It’s really refreshing to see a vape store employee know how to match eliquids with a customer’s palette. It’s also refreshing not to walk into a vapor shop and be treated like you are imposing on someones coil building sesh.

The prices at Vapor Kings are commensurate with any other B&M. Well, actually their prices are really good for a B&M. When you go to Vegas you sort of expect to be gouged at every turn. I ordered 3 burger sliders for dinner one night and room service arrived with three of the tiniest little hamburgers I had ever seen. The worst part was that I paid over $25 for these quarter sized burgers. Vapor Kings doesn’t charge more than the going rate for any of the items that I looked at even though being on the strip, they could probably get away with charging whatever they want and tourists who are in a pinch would buy what they needed.

If you are in Vegas and need any vape gear, definitely check out Vapor Kings as they treated me really well and I’m sure they take great care of all their customers.

Vapor Kings – Las Vegas
3643 S Las Vegas Blvd #515
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 489-6125
Visit Vapor Kings Las Vegas:


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