Here are 5 easy SEO tricks that you can use for your vape shop or e cigarette store:

You just got your website all set up and it looks great. It’s fully functional and ready to start raking in the sales but there’s just one problem, nobody is visiting.
A common misconception is that if you have a website people will find you online. This is true to an extent but you are a business owner and you can sit back and wait for website to rank itself organically over a long period of time. You needs sales now, not two years from now.
Here are 5 quick and easy things that will get your vape shop ranking on Google:
1. Submit your site to Google

Most web hosting companies will have an option that will allow you to submit a sitemap in one click however you should learn how to do it yourself so you have the knowledge.

The best way to submit a sitemap is to create a Google Analytics account. Not only can you submit a sitemap but Google gives you access to a wide range of tools that will allow you to track the success of your website over time. If data is your thing Google gives you free access to plenty of it. Google Analytics is completely free.

Submitting a sitemap is basically telling Google that you have a website and want them to index it. Make sure you resubmit your sitemap weekly or if you make changes to your site.

2. Register your e cigarette store with every vape shop directory you can find

Submitting your website to the vape shop directories will not only make your store info and website available to the users of the directory but it will also provide you with relevant backlinks which Google values a lot.

Google takes into account how many other websites are linking to your website when determining where to rank you. If you have a bunch of spammy and bogus sites linking to your site Google will think your site is spammy and not rank you very high. However if you have other e cigarette websites linking to yours then Google will assume that you are legit website.

Do not buy links from places like Fiverr or other people promising tons of backlinks for a low price unless you trust the person selling them and you know for certain that they will not link you to spammy websites.

e cigarette link building

3. Create social media profiles with a link to your website

Social media is huge. Start with Twitter, Facebook, and G+ and build a nice page. All of the social media sites have an area in your profile where you can add a link to your main website. Use it!

Also, any time you add a new product post about it and make sure you add a link to the product page. Better yet, any time you post something related to e cigs or vaping put a link to your website in the post.

4. Use keywords

Make sure you are using relevant words on each parent page. For example, your website probably has the following pages: Home, About Us, Products, Contact Us, and Blog. Write a description about your business on your homepage. Include the words that you want people to use when searching for your site. If you want Google to display your site when people search for “E cigarette store in Denver, CO” you would want to write “We are an e cigarette store in Denver, CO” on your homepage. Repeat this process on each of your pages.

When using keywords be sure to write in a way that makes sense when people read it. Don’t try to be crafty and hide words in the background of your site. Google will figure this out penalize you.

vape shop keywords

5. Create and actively write in a blog

The number one way to rank your website is by publishing useful content. If you can become a resource to the e cigarette community Google will show you lots of love. You can write articles, tutorials, post videos, etc. Just be sure to publicize your content by sharing on social media.

When writing blog posts make sure to include the keywords that you want to rank for. If you publish 1-2 good blog posts each week you will be ranking on Google pretty quickly. Do this for 6 months and you will have ranked your site the way Google wants you to.

Another option is to pay someone to write articles for you. Fiverr has many people who will write you a 500 word article for around $5. 00. As always, make sure the person who is writing for you understands what you are trying accomplish.

We hope you enjoyed our SEO tips for vape shops. iVape Local offers a suite of business solutions geared exclusively towards e cigarettes stores and vape shops. We are always happy to answer questions even if you aren’t a customer. We offer free advice to anyone who owns a brick and mortar vape shop. If you have a question you can email us here: [email protected].